How To… Make Washi Tape Pen Holders

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I LOVE Washi Tape… well I love ANY sort of pretty tape that you can stick on things. It is the sort of thing I pick up her and there at craft fairs, adore, love and then put in a drawer and don’t quite know what to do with it. A classic item for me to hoard! So I decided it was time Get Washi Tape Crafty and make some **things**.

FYI: To those of you that don’t know Washi Tape – it is self adhesive tape – like cello tape with a pretty pattern on the back.

First up… a super easy and pretty Washi Tape craft – stationary pot holders. I love it. As it is a great bit of upcycling AND because it is so pretty. I am in the process of tidying up my work area and it will be nice to replace funny plastic bots and bits and pieces with something PRETTY! Hooray.

Materials: an old can, Washi Tape

(PS you can read more about the Penguin Pencil Topper too and see our other “designs”. Perfect for Autumn Crafts)

1) Clean your can thoroughly and remove all paper. Some people prefer to sand down the inside the can, but I just left it. These are for me and I don’t find them too sharp.

2) Add layer for layer of Washi Tape. Do it slowly and neatly – my biggest stumbling blocks and then “ta-daaaaaa”.

Washi Tape


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