Kids Crafts: Fabric Jar Lanterns

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Fabric Jars

Kids Recycled Crafts

Recycled crafts is all around us at the moment – I love recycling at the best of times, but feel like the new year is even more of a reason to

start on an environmental and thrifty footing. These jars really look lovely all lit up and I can’t wait to use them outdoors in the summer. Make in red’s and pinks, cut out little hearts and you even have a sweet Valentine’s decoration idea. Win all round.

Recycled Crafts: Fabric Lanterns

 Materials: old jar, PVA glue water down a little or mod podge, fabric scraps, scissors, brush

 recycled crafts for kids

1) Decide what you would like to have on your jar – we tried different things – covered the jar completely in one piece of fabric, cut hearts, cut out square shapes (Red Ted) and did one strip. I think they all look nice for different reasons and look lovely together.

 2) The children then brushed on glue. We carefully placed it on the jar and pressed it down.

 kids recycled crafts

3) Then we added a second layer of glue on top – I am not sure it is strictly necessary – but I think for outdoor use these makes them a little more durable.

 Done. Sit back and enjoy!!!

 Valentine's crafts for kids

I love the little heart shadow’s that the Valentine’s Jar makes.

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What are your favourite kids recycled crafts?