Origami Paper Cup & Ball Game


Welcome back to this week’s kid crafts and I have a classic kids crafts for you today – our paper cup and ball game – it is a great introduction to Origami or paper folding activities for young children. I did this post for Pre K and K Sharing and you can see all the photos of Red Ted folding the cup himself there but there is a great and simple video shared below, showing you how quick and easy these Origami Paper Cups are to make and all the different uses! ONE Origami Paper Cup, FOUR different Paper Cup uses!!

Below we also have a fun Red White and Blue set.. which a great little 4th of July Party Game for kids to make and play with! Hooray for simple Patriotic Party Games.

cup paper toy - super simple paper craft - learn how to make this simple Origami Paper Cup, use it for treats, drinking water, as an advent calendar or even a paper cup and ball game. 5 minute craft, lots of uses!

Aren’t they cute? These Origami Paper Cups are great for:

  • drinking water (yes they really do hold water!)
  • sharing snacks or treats
  • string them up and turn them into an advent calendar
  • or make a super easy Paper Ball and Cup game out of them

Easy Origami Paper Cup and Ball Game. A quick and fun craft - hours of fun!

Cup & Ball Game Craft

Print out pretty Origami Paper via the Free Printables page.

Here is a video of how to make the paper cups:

If the video isn’t loading properly, you can see it here: Paper Cup How To

If you want to see photo and word instructions visit my post Pre K and K Sharing

Paper Cup & Ball Game :

1) Make your cup as per the video

2) To finish your paper cup and ball game –  make the ball (this is not part of the video).

3) Get  a piece of string and some tin foil. Scrunch up the foil around the string. Making sure the string is secured tightly. Shape until it is nice and round (you can discuss “spheres” at this point).

4) Then make a small hole in the side of your cup, thread through the string, either knot it or tape it down. We found tape better as my kids like to play vigorously.


You can now start playing catch the ball! Have lots of fun!

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