Kids Get Crafty: Recycled Christmas (or Birthday) Thank Yous

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This is a cheeky EXTRA Kids Craft this week. The “proper one” comes on Wednesday, but I just wanted to share these very quick and easy recycled Christmas Thank You Cards. 10 took us around 15min to make and are a great way for young children who cannot write to learn about “saying thank you”, as well as little recycling! These would also work super well for “Birthday Thank Yous”…. just use birthday wrapping paper.

Thank You Cards for Kids

Needless to say, they are there to inspire, make them how you wish!

Materials card: wrapping paper, glitter & glue, card

Materials envelopes: wrapping paper, sello tape

  1. Out of the card stock, cut the card into small “card sizes” (we made ours around A6 if not a little smaller) – we hard card left over from our Christmas cards
  2. Out of the wrapping paper, cut out rectangles for “presents”
  3. Red Ted glued these on
  4. I added glue for “Ribbon & Bow” and let Red Ted sprinkle on the glitter. Older children could do this themselves

Needles  to say , you could use glitter glue or real ribbon scraps. You could also use the Christmas Cards you received to make the basic card stock… Red Ted LOVED sprinkling the glitter.

Another idea, is to reuse the gift tags you received – gluing these onto a  card directly. E.g. we had this lovely little santa who would make a great card!

As to the envelopes. I made some simple envelopes out of bigger pieces of wrapping paper, by sello taping the sides down. If you want a “cooler” no stick envelope, try this one. The envelope labels are also wrapping paper: just the reverse! Also you may like these printable thank you note!

Hope you Get Recycling. Get Crafty and saying Thank You!