How to Knit Left Handed

So you want to learn how to knit…. but you are also left handed… and need some how to knit left handed info? As a “right”y myself, I have to confess, that I (!) cannot teach you to knit left handed, as I can’t actually do that myself. However, I have had friends comment how frustrating it is to learn left handed, and that most teachers can’t!!! I have also had a some of my readers request some Left Handed tutorials – and as this website is all about providing you with the craft basics, I thought, I really should do a “how to knit left handed” posts to help you on your (this by the way came about, after the popular “teach yourself to crochet” post I did a few years ago! On a similar note, I also have a hand “teach kids to sew” article if that is of interest!).

how to knit left handed - step by step guide to knitting for left handed crafters

I am currently pulling together a Crafts Basic “playlist” on YouTube – with crafty basics such as blanket stitches, french knots, finger knitting and salt dough recipes, but this post goes over and beyond this and brings you resources from other fabulous channels!

I learn to knit when I was about 11 or 12yrs old. I loved it instantly and remember knitting many a soft toy (in particularly a number of little knitted penguins) and a total of FOUR jumpers. Woohoo. I confess, I haven’t knitted much since (save for some baby items.. oh I do LOVE knitting for babies – so cute and quick to do.

Here is a great tutorial showing you the Knitting Basics for left handed knitters.

It includes –

  • How to Cast On Left Handed
  • How to do a Knit Stitch Left Handed
  • How to Cast off Left Handed

It does NOT include the purl stitch (info below)

Here is how to do the Purl Stitch Left Handed

How to do a Stockinette Stitch

The “Stockinette” stitch is when your knitting as a smooth front side and a rippled back. If you ONLY do the Knit Stitch or ONLY do the Purl Stitch, you will have a rippled front AND back. The knitting will also be a bit “shorter”. If you ALTERNATE the Knitch Stitch and Purl Stitch (ie one row Knit, one row Purl) you get the Stockinette Stitch!

How to Increase Stitches Left Handed

I actually use a slightly different method, where you “knit into a stitch twice”. But this method shown here is nice and easy! So why not go for “easier”, right?

How do Decrease Stitches Left Handed

There a couple of ways of doing it, the knit two together (I tend to decrease stitcches that way, but there is also the skip knit pass. This video shows both methods.

As an FYI… if you are interested in learning how to knit left handed using the continental method, take a look at this video!

If you are excited about the videos above, here are some short and simple knitting projects to get you practicing:

Knitted Hearts - Key Rings, Zipper Pulls, book marks

Knitted Hearts – turn them into bookmarks, key chains, bunting, ornaments, pocket friends…. Knitting Pattern - Easy Gloves

How to Knit Fingerless Gloves – these make great knitted gifts!

Cute knitted chick and nest!

Knit a bunny and a bear

Adorable mini bunnies and teddy bear’s picnic!

Or check out some of these cute Knitting Books:
knitting ideas

Oh my, this Crochet Book is just too cute. I ADORE those ewoks! I want a whole set!! USUK (affiliate links)

cute animal knits

More serious Crochet Cuteness! I WANT THIS HEDGEHOG!!! But check out all the other adorable designs too! USUK (affiliate links)

So – if you are left handed and are looking to learn how to knit, I really DO HOPE that this has been a useful article for you!!!! I love knitting and I hope that it brings you as much pleasure as it does me!