Launching My First eBook

A conveniently collated ebook bringing you cheap “Paper Roll” crafts for around the year! This is a great way to get you crafting once a month or to give you ideas for “key calendar” dates, such as Chinese New Year or Halloween.

All crafts use the humble paper roll as a basis and with the use of a little paint or paper transform it into a fun item to give or play with. You may recognise one or two crafts from the blog, but there are many new ones and all our now conveniently laid out for you.

Only £1.99

Read these reviews from real mums (click on name for full review):

JDaniel4sMum: “Each craft page has an overview of the holiday or season that craft was designed to celebrate along with fun tidbits about it. There is also material list, step by step directions on constructing the craft along with color photos that demonstrate how to construct it. […] I love cute crafts that have an ahh factor.”

Weston Super Mum: As an artist and a mum I was really impressed with this book. It uses a simple toilet roll tube to make 14 different funky craft ideas. I’ve found it especially useful for times when I have an hour to spare in the afternoon and need to think of an activity on the spot!

Diary of a First Child “What I love about the ebook is that it doesn’t give you five hundred ideas, four hundred and twenty of which you can’t do without purchasing specific bits and bobs, or equipment. It also doesn’t give you another three hundred that are oh so easy to do – if you’re a brain surgeon. It also doesn’t require you to be super-mum doing a craft a day.”

Baby Budgeting “I love that there is practically no cost or ‘shopping’ involved and thet he end results are stunning”

Rebecca: Thanks so much for sharing this simple craft idea with us Maggy!

Liz (see comments below) “Downloaded this yesterday and just wanted to say that it is fantastic! I love the way you’ve set it out – clear, interesting, useful and well illustrated. I’m amazed at what can be done with the humble loo roll! Excellent value for money – I know I’ve saved myself more than the cost already. Aside from all the fun I’ll have with Boo, I make little jewellery presents for friends and family and am always on the look-out for small boxes or gift bags for them in charity shops and at boot sales etc – the gift boxes included here will be PERFECT for my jewellery presents, so no need to look out for these any more! Thank you!”

Emma (see comments below) “Further to my earlier post have found another use for those look rolls my 11yo has a castle to make for his yr 7 project so gonna use them for the turrets… so watch this space will send you a picture in a month when it is finished! Just goes to show even useful for older kids craft projects… Emma x”

The introduction to the ebook for you: