Melty Bead Crafts (Hama Beads)

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Hooray it is Melty Beads Crafts time!!! Some may know of these as Hama Beads and others as Perler Beads… in essence they are the little plastic beads that you put on peg boards to make a pattern and then iron so they “melt together” and fix into a permanent shape. They are a great Kids Craft that keep my two busy for hours..

Perler Bead crafts
These craft ideas were first shared in 2013 and have been updated for your convenience!

Many parents, hate them. I have no idea why – as they are so bright and colourful and my kids ADORE THEM. They are great for fine motor skills and I have to say, though you are “restricted” to the use of pre shaped peg boards, my kids are showing a lot of creativity with them and creating their own little creatures and shapes.

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Top tip: Hama Bead creations do sometimes “break apart”, it is worth ironing them on BOTH sides to make them nice and strong.

Hama Bead Craft Ideas

Melty Bead Bowls from Red Ted Art – we think these make great gifts for kids to make on Father’s Day or for Christmas – perfect for key or loose change holding.

Finished perler bead hear frame for valentine's day

Make adorable Heart Shaped Hama Bead Frames.

Learn how to make a Hama Bead Money box and Mine Craft Sword key chains.

Hama bead stars

Easy Hama Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hama Bead Crafts

Hama Bead Greeting Cards, a great way to, uhm, share all your Hama Bead creations with friends and relatives – especially delicate ones that may break.

How about this Rainbow Unicorn Fuse Bead Craft? So cute!

I love Blue Bear Wood approach of incorporating your Hama Bead creations into mix media collages – turning your craft project into a great Art Project.

I do LOVE the necklace that Mark Montano made using Zip Ties to make a necklace. Genius and so pretty!!

Another clever necklace ideas is Mod Cloth’s wonderful creation, take a peak! Very designer on trend!

hama bead necklace

Or make some cute Hama Bead Pendants!

Love the Hama Bead Weaving that Mini Eco has created -either as bracelets or little tea light holders!

How about some melted Melty Bead Bracelets? Love these! But getting the melty bit right is a little tricky!

Cookie Cutter Perler Bead Ornaments

Or use the Melty Bead and Cookie Cutter Ornament technique to make shapes in Autumn or Winter!

space invaders

of course the “classic” Hama Bead squares make great Coaster Gifts for Daddy. A while back we went retro and made SPACE INVADERS coasters!

How To Make Perler Bead Bracelets - Great Gifts for Kids to Make

More Perler Bead Bracelets here!

Hama Bead Birds Owl Penguin Puffin

Perler bead keyrings – teacher appreciation gifts.

Don’t forget to order your batch of Hama Beads today!

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