Minion Crafts – Weebles made from Kindersurprise Egg Capsules!


We have been meaning to make this Minion Craft for AAAAAGES. We have been collecting Kindersurprise Egg capsules for weeks now, and making sure that we are stocked up on Googley eyes, which are just perfect for any Minion Craft. With the Easter holidays upon us, we finally have enough time to get on with lots of little crafts. Having said that, the best thing about this minion craft, is that it only takes 5 minutes to make!! Yep, 5 minutes. We simplified the Minions, by adding “paper clothes”, which meant the kids were able to manage (just). Of course you could be more detailed and either paint on their clothes or make some felt ones with embellishments… but then it takes longer to get these finished.

The best bit though.. is that these Minions are also WEEBLES – i.e. they stand up again (well almost always, there not quite as perfect as an egg weeble, but pretty close in our opinion).


Minion Craft Ideas - Weebles from Kindersurprise Eggs

See in Minion Craft in action via Instagram!

Materials to make your Minion Crafts Weeble:

  • Kindersurprise capsules, (make them with yellow Easter eggs, if you can’t get any)
  • Black marker pen
  • Googly eyes
  • 3-5 pennies
  • Tape/ clue

Minion Crafts – Weebles How To:

We have both a Video How To & Step By Steps Photos

The photos are a bit back to front, as we made these up as went along and realised that we needed the pennies!

Weeble Craft Minions

1) Take three pennies, tape them together and then tape to the bottom of of your Kindersurprise Capsule. I added some glue just in case.

Minion Crafts Weebly

2) Take strips of blue paper and wrap around your minion, secure with tape/ glue.

Minio Craft Kindersurprise

3) Using your marker pen, draw a black line around your Minion (I did this for the kids) and glue on your googly eyes.

Minion Craft Ideas - Weebles

Let dry and done.

A fabulous quick and easy 5 minute Minion Craft for you!

Minion Craft Ideas - Weebles a quick 5 Minute Craft


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