New Year’s Eve Craft: Champagne Cork Chairs

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Well.. if there was ever a time of year to pop that bottle of Champagne it is New Year’s Eve.. and if we are lucky Christmas. So this is the time of year, when we suddenly have a “surplus” of Champagne corks or similar. A cute craft to do with or for the kids are these Champagne corks. I first saw them a few years ago (in fact when I started blogging), I THINK Joel from Made my Joel is the originator of the idea, I am not sure! But we were visiting friends in Rural France – and the hostess made one for Pip Squeak. Well, either she is very “Online” or she had a great idea too! Either way this makes a great New Year’s Eve Craft or one to do as a New Year’s Day Craft when busy tidying up. I know that Pip Squeak will love hers in her doll’s house!

Champagne Chair

Be sure to add a little “Place and Date” stamp at the bottom of the chair with a permanent marker pen.

Our friend made this just by untwisting the wire that goes “around” the cork, by hand and adding the to the “back” of the chair.

I made another a couple of months later and had to use a small set of pliers.. I think some wires are stiffer than others. So don’t fret if you can’t do it without a tool. We will be making LOTS more this Christmas and New Year’s Eve!!

Cork Chairs

Snip off the twisted part of the wire (or untwist it.. but I find snipping it off much quicker and easier)

Champagne Wire Chairs

Pull out the remaining wire (this is where snipping is easier, if you have untwisted it, it will have kinks that are “harder” to get through the loops )

Wire Chair Craft

Twist the around the “back of the chair” to make the back

Champagne Wire Chair

Finished! Doesn’t this little Wire Chair look too cute?!

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