30 New Year’s Eve Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Hooray, ’tis the season to be Jolly.. so many wonderful celebrations in Autumn/ Winter from Thanks Giving, to Halloween, to Christmas and the ending in New Year’s Eve! These are all occasions that are wonderful for establishing family traditions and easy kids crafts for family or kids. To the task at hand: New Year’s Eve Crafts! YAY!

I also have a set of New Year’s Eve Traditions from around the world for you, do go and have a peak!

New Year's Eve Crafts ideas for all the family!
First published in Dec 2010 – updated and republished for your convenience!

As well as an HOUR BY HOUR set of Countdown Activities to do with kids. Each hour gives you 2-4 ideas of what to do.. there are many free printables as well as non printable activities and crafts. Why not check it out? The best bit..? It comes with a countdown clock.. you can move the clock along hourly or half hourly if the kids need to get to bed earlier!

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Games & Activities


Party Emoji Kaleidoscopes – perfect for New Year’s Eve or a Birthday Party DIY


These countdown clocks are super duper easy to make and OH SO FUN!!!!! The kids can colour and customise their clock and then get ready to count down. Start at Noon.. to midnight.. or write your time stampes – maybe from 6pm to 9pm!!

GRATITUDE Jewel Garland for New Year’s Eve

A thoughtful activity and decoration for New Year’s Eve. Colour and Cut these beautiful jewels, add wishes and gratefulness messages and decorate the mantel piece! Beautiful Garland for New Year’s Eve.x

Make these super fun About Me mini books (just one sheet of paper and NO GLUE!) then fill in all the details. Compare year on year how things have changed.

Have fun with this  New Year’s Eve Quiz cootie catcher – learn all about quirky traditions from around the world. Or use the blank template to write some New Year’s Fortunes!

Countdown Balloons

I HAVE to start with this post from Pioneer Party & Gift [UPDATE: no longer available], as it has no less than 14 kids New Year’s Eve party games. Definitely one to keep the kids busy with.x

Countdown Bags

Similarly, here is  a set of activities and ideas from SWeet Blessings. Not only did she have 12 different activities and goodies planned out, but she invented her own riddle for each one, so the kids would have to figure out what the treat or activity is first. Brilliant.Wishing Tree

I am not much of one for “New Year’s Resolutions” – they usually just end up making people feel bad. But I do LOVE the idea of a wishing try.. how wonderful to wish for things in the New Year, it kind of makes it all sparkly and magical. No Time For Flashcards comes up trumps with this activity.=

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Decorating Ideas

Circle Streamers

Martha Stewart has these oh so stylish shimmer streamers that have something very New Year’s Eve Craft about them. Maybe the represent the bubbles in your bubbly or the sparks of fire works or the stars in the New Year’s Eve sky, but to me they have New Year’s Eve all over it!

New Year's Eve Crafts

New Year’s Eve Crafts – Tinsel Banner

Another Martha Stewart idea (whilst we are there already!) for New Year’s Eve decorating crafts is this simple Tinsel Banner. A great way to use anything up from Christmas crafts or school plays and sure to get you into that New Year’s Eve mood!

Happy New Year Garland

Or check out this colourful Garland from Craft Kaboose.  An opportunity to use up lots of colourful bits and pieces and make this New Year’s Eve Craft really bright and jolly!x

Paper Plate Star Twirler for Preschoolers

This is a super easy and adorable craft to get young kids involved in New Year’s Eve, make this super darling STAR Decoration with them. Watch them twirl and twirl… they also make a great gift from an “older” sibling to a new baby’s room! Love a Paper Plate Star Whirligig (complete with star template)x

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Noise Makers

Easy Pom Pom Poppers – super fun to make and great for celebrating New Year’s with little ones (plus you can keep them busy picking up the pom poms and having another go!)

Learn how to make New Year’s Eve Thaumatropes! Well not strictly speaking a noise maker.. but a bit of interactive fun, which is always good, right?

Raisin Shakers

I love these little Raising Box shakers that Craft Ideas for Kids came up with as a New Year’s Eve Crafts idea. The little bell in particularly makes me happy!x

Paper Bowl Noise Maker

Yes, this one time of the year when we encourage our kids to GET NOISE! Love this simple paper bowl and bead noise maker from Education.x

Spool Rattles

Another cute and upcycled New Year’s Eve Crafts idea are these noisemakers made from old ribbon spools. Family Fun shares their how to.x

new years eve crafts - party blowers

New Year’s Eve Crafts Paper Blowers

Martha Stewart shows us how to make these BEAUTIFUL paper blowers… never really thought about the fact that we could make these ourselves! Wonderful.

Button Noisemaker

Another cute New Year’s Eve crafts idea from Martha Stewart is this button noisemaker… and it looks like it isn’t *too* noise. Yay.x

Bell Bracelet

Super simple, super cute. My two would LOVE this idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!x

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Firework Art & Crafts

Paper Roll Fireworks for New Year's Eve

Similarly we have these easy Paper Roll Firework Blowers! These are super cute and easy to make. Use upcycled tissue paper and Toilet Paper Tubes!

Make super easy sparkly bubble wands for toddlers to play with this New Year’s eve. So cute!

Firework Craft

Here a simple and cute New Year’s Eve Crafts Idea! Glitter fireworks from The Ramblings of A Crazy Woman. Sometimes keeping things easy and simple is best and is a lovely way to sit down and still do a “topical” craft with your kids!x

Firework Town

How pretty is this Firework Town (originally made for the UK Bonfire Night, but just as appropriate for New Year’s Eve, surely?!).  A team effort from Patches of Puddles. Love it.x

Spin Art Fireworks

Or rather sweet is this spin art fireworks from The Imagination Tree. Always a great activity for the younger children amongst us and certainly no big bangs to frighten them!

Fireworks in a Glass

Can’t have real fireworks? Fear not, this New Year’s Eve science craft will have your kids oohing and aahing: Fireworks in a Glass from Science Sparks.x

New Year’s Eve Crats: Count Down


These countdown clocks are super duper easy to make and OH SO FUN!!!!! The kids can colour and customise their clock and then get ready to count down. Start at Noon.. to midnight.. or write your time stampes – maybe from 6pm to 9pm!!

Count Down Clock

A fun little craft helping focus on the “big count down” and whlist you are it, you can sneak a little “how to read clock teaching”. Craft Kaboose shares this craft.x

Count Down Confetti

Mmmh, yes confetti is messy, but SOOOO pretty and fun! Love Carolyns Homework idea of making your own confetti and decorating matchbox. Wonderful.x

Confetti Balloons

Sun Hats and Wellieboots (a gorgeous blog by the way, do check it out if you don’t know it already) has wonderful Confetti Balloons to pop as the clock strikes 12. Great fun to make and build up that excitement to the New Year!x

Confetti Wands

Or if you don’t fancy the balloons (and the bangs that go with them), how about some adorably fun and sparkly confetti wands? How Pip Squeak would ADORE these. Shared by Education.com.x

Confetti Eggs

I have loved these confetti eggs from Playing By The Book for a long time now. She actually made them as a traditional craft for Easter Sunday, but would also be a perfect fit for any confetti crafts and activities this New Year’s Eve. Take a look and have fun!

Marzipan Pigs

Cute little Marzipan Pigs are part of New Year’s Day traditions – hand them to neighbours and friends for good luck. “Making” these is a great activity for that loooong wait on New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve Crafts: Party Hats

This party hat has been updated to represent 2022 and there are also some more generic Happy New Year Party hat printables. We also show you how to make some fun finger pom poms. Grab your free party hat printable!

Similarly, you can make party hats from paper plates – this one was decorated as an ELF HAT.. but the process is simple and you can easily decorate it in New Year’s Eve colours and add messages!

Star Party Hats/ Headbands

DIY New Year’s Eve Photo Props

Love these DIY Photo Props – a great New Year’s Eve Crafts for kids -just get the kids to print these photo props, cut them out, stick to craft sticks and then have lots of fun creating New Year’s Eve Memories!

Pipecleaner Tiara

And another cute idea, use pipe cleaners to make adorable little tiaras. Wonderful for any New Year’s Eve (or Princess) party. How to on WhiMSy Love.x

Felt Party Hats

These are so cute and fun. Love the bright colourful felt used and the funny faces. Check out the “howto” by Sunny Coast Kids!x

Paper Plate Party Hat

Love this selection of paper plat party hats that you can find over Alphamom. Though none of them are specifically for New Year’s Eve hats, I do think they are a great idea – and the star one definitely would work. Add a cheeky “year date” and you are done.x

More Hats

I also thought that these party hats were cute – I know my kids would love the idea of “havinf a basic hat” and then being allowed to decorate it to their heart’s content. These are from Spoonful.x

And even MORE Hats (super easy ones)

More hats from the wonderful Domestic Goddesque! Complete with funky “specs”. UPDATE this blog has now gone off line, I hope the picture is enough for inspiration!

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Masquerade

Flowers & Feathers

Craft Jr shares a template and instructions of how to make this wonderfully colourful masquerade mask. Fabulous.xx

Paper Plate Mask

Would you have guessed that this mask was based on a paper plate? I didn’t! Parents Connect share this lovely idea.x

Book Pages Mask

Or how about these stylish “book pages” mask from Mark Montano?x

More Fun Spec

Or how about these? I think they are brilliant! A wonderful craft from Bloesem Kids.x

New Year’s Eve Crafts: Memories & Blessings

Time Capsule

Spotted on Kelli Crowe‘s blog, we made a time capsule last New Year’s Eve – a lovely way to discuss the year gone by and add a precious family photo or two!x

Blessings Jar

A similar activity 0- but really something to focus on throughout the year is this wonderful ideas from I Can Teach My Child. You have to read the whole post for it’s full impact, but it is a wonderful way to recognise the wonderful and good things in your lives.

Oh and here.. are some reasons why I do NOT do New Year’s Resolutions!!!

Looking for MORE? Really? Well, I have 15+ New Year’s Eve Traditions from around the world for you..

these New Year’s Eve Activities and Videos

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Happy New Year 2022 everyone!