Design Your Own House (Paper House Printable)

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My kids love making little houses for their toys.. sometimes they use the lego bricks, other times, a little bit of tupperware, and some times a pile of stones….. I thought they would enjoy DESIGNING their very own house those. So I created this super simple and straight forward printable. Then I printed them off on some light cardstock and away they went. I sometimes find that kids like to see a “sample” first – to help understand the concept of the floors and doors and the “3D-ness” of it. But I would only do that if you find your kids are struggling. It is nice for them to come up with their own ideas for their paper house too.

Paper House Printable - Design your own house, what will you put in it

Paper House “Materials”:

In essence you just need, light card, scissors and pens….. BUT. a little glue helps secure things (especially if you end up stacking or joining up your rooms) AND even better, I we LOVED introducing some extra elemens – tissue paper curtains, washi tape floors.

Maybe next time we will add some fabric to the sofa and some tin foild to the mirrors.

Start simple. Then start experimenting!

It works fine using “just paper”, but we like to make these using light card stock for that little bit of durability!

House Printable

Download your Paper House Printable now.

Paper House “How To”:

Paper House Printable - design your house

1) Print out your paper house template and cut it out – older kids can cut it themselves. Younger kids will need help. You MAY want to use a stanly knife to cut the door and windows. But a small pair of scissors works too.

Design your own house

2) Get decorating! Pip Squeak added a little “paper bed” and sofa in hers.

DIY House

Red Ted was happy to give his Marel Men a home.

Design Your Own Paper House - add or rooms, decorate, draw, play

3) Make good creases and then glue the sides of your house together (flap at the bottom of your door etc). If you want stack your houses.

Our photos show 2 storey houses.. later they added a third story and then later again, a side building. Love it.

These clearly is a temporary craft and not designed to last – but to be played with and to have fun with, to explore and discover. And then you can always make more!