Pine Cone Crafts – Bird Feeders

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We are having “more fun with the birdies” this week, with yet MORE Bird Feeders the kids can make. They got really excited about the Cheerio Bird Feeders we made a few days ago and wanted to make MORE. Ever looking for new ideas and things to  try out, we thought we would give these super simple and “bird yummy” Pine Cone bird feeders ago. Great way to use up some of our nature finds and make something nice for our feathered friends this Winter!

DIY Bird Feeders

To Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders, you will need:

*Pine Cones

* String for hanging

* Bird feed (from the pet store)

*Peanut Butter (or use LARD that is a great substitute)
DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

These are so easy to do…. tie your string onto your pine cone bird feeder.

Bird Feeders

Get the kids to spread the peanut butter onto their pine cone bird feeder  (yes this is messy, but it is great “Knife handling practice”).

Pine Cone Crafts - Bird Feeder DIY

Roll your peanut buttery pine cone in the bird seeds. Make sure it is nice and compact.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder - Super Simple Activity for KidsAnd ta-da – your Pine Cone Bird Feeder is FINISHED! Now hang in the garden!

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