Pokeball Bookmark Corner – Fun with Pokemon Go

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The Pokemon Go craze has hit the world! Everyone is out walking and catching Pokemon – a perfect summer activity! If after all your Pokemon catching or when your phone is on recharge, you may want to reach out for a book and relax. Make yourself a fun Pokemon Bookmark corner – these Pokeball Bookmarks are just the thing!!!! We tons more Pokemon DIY inspiration for you, if you are planning a party or just want to make! We also have a cute Pikachu Origami is which is SUPER EASY to make!

Pokemon Corner Bookmark - for Pokemon Go fans

Pokemon Bookmark Corner – Materials

  • White paper (A4 or A5)
  • A bit of red paper
  • scraps of black paper
  • scissors
  • pencil & glass
  • glue stick

How to make a Pokemon Bookmark Corner

So what do you think? Not too hard? Remember it is REALLY important tat you glue your shape together, to prevent the bookmark from falling apart!

Pokemon Corner Bookmark - love this Origami based bookmark, it pops over the edge of your book and keeps your page safe. Perfect for Pokemon Go fans

We also have a Pikachu Bookmark coming soon (can you see him peeping out from the background?)

We have brought together LOTS more Pokemon DIYs for you here – some GREAT Pokemon Party ideas (including that fantastic Pokeball Pizza, how fun) and great little Pokemon Christmas ornaments. If you are Pokemon Go fan you will LOVE THESE!

Fantastic Pokemon DIYs for Pokemon Go Lovers - check out all these great ideas - love the pokemon parties, as well as those adorable Pokemon ornaments