19 Pokemon DIY – Pokemon Go

Yes! The Pokemon Go craze has hit our street. All the kids are out with their Pokemon Go, capturing pokemons and going for walks. Fighting out battles in the Pokemon arenas and discovering new areas to explore. Pokemon is currently ALL the rage! So I thought – for when the kids NEED A BREAK from all that walking and capturing, you may want to check out some Pokemon DIYs. These Pokemon DIYs and Pokemon crafts are great for rainy days, for playdates or best of all – for when you are planning a Pokemon Party!! (I am SURE there will be a number of Pokemon Go Parties happening very very soon!!). So I have a fabulous selection of Pokemon related DIYs and some food ready for you…. come and take a look!

Fantastic Pokemon DIYs for Pokemon Go Lovers - check out all these great ideas - love the pokemon parties, as well as those adorable Pokemon ornaments

As you can imagine.. there ARE a lot f adorable Pikachu crafts as well as many Pokeball DIYs.. but we have tried to find you some of the other Pokemon Characters too. And there is definitely something for EVERYONE.. from young to old!

NOTE: first posted in July 2016, but updating it for you regularly!

Pokemon DIY – Fun with Pokemon Go! Pokemon characters printables

Merry Printables

Pokemon Go Bookmark Corners - 8 of the favourite Pokemon characters plus a Poke Ball!

9 of the most popular Pokemon Go characters turned into clever Pokemon Bookmark Corners!

Pokemon DIY - Kaleidocycles

WATCH Bulbasaur and his friends evolve with this fabulous Kaleidocycle! A great Pokemon Evolution DIY


More fun with Pokemon Evolution and these “never ending” DIY Pokemon Cards. Seriously fab and must see!


If you are after “normal” Pokemon Coloring Pages, here is a great set!

DIY Pokemon Desk Tidies (make from scratch or use our printables)

Pokemon die hard fans.. may even want to create their own Pokemon Easter Eggs!!! Love the Egg play on words!

A great DIY word learning game

Pokemon Masks

DIY Felt Pokemon Masks (in French, but hit google translate)


Oh man, these DIY Pokemon Charms are just TOO CUTE!!! What a clever idea!

Pokemon Lanterns - great pokemon party decoration

Pokemon Lanterns – these are from Pinterest and I can’t find the original source and instructions! Sorry!

pokemon go crafts - make your own headbands

Pokemon Headbands

Pikachu and Pokeball Pokemon Baubles

pokemon diy - christmas baubles

Pokemon Christmas Bauble

Pokemon DIY ideas

Similarly check out these Perler Bead Pokemon Ornaments (they are available for purchase, but thought that they would be good inspiration anyway!


DIY Piranha Plant – oh my goodness – is this paper piranha plant simply amazing?

Pokemon feltie

Here is a super cute and simple Oddish Plushie!

Pikachu DIY – Pokemon Go

If you love Pokemon Go, you will ADORE these Pikachu crafts and many more Pokemon DIYs

Super easy Pikachu Origami

Super easy Origami Pikachu Craft – one of the easiest Pikachu crafts around and so so soo cute!

Pikachu Corner Bookmark - so easy and simple

Pikachu  Bookmark Corner


Easy Pokemon Pikachu ears!

Pikachu Bracelet DIY

Duct Tape Pikachu Bracelet


Super cute pikachu handprint!

Pockemon sock toy

Cutest Pikachu Sock Plushie

Pokemon Pikachu pencil case

Easy Pikachu Pencil Case

Beaded Pokemon Pikachu

Beaded Pokemon Keyring – pikachu

There are of course LOTS of Pokeball DIYS:

If you love Pokemon Go, you will ADORE these Pokeball crafts and many more Pokemon DIYs

Pokemon Corner Bookmark - love this Origami based bookmark, it pops over the edge of your book and keeps your page safe. Perfect for Pokemon Go fans

Pokeball Bookmark Corners! A super simple DIY when you need a break from all that walking! Would be a great party craft too!

3D Poke Ball DIY

Make your very own 3D Pokeball. Red Ted was SO excited about this DIY!

Super cool Poke Ball Pinata Cake – see which Pokemon your poke ball has caught!

Poke ball catapult

Poke Ball Catapult What a super fun idea!!

pokemoncraftspokemonbag pokemonjars

Cute Paper Plate Pokeball and love the  Pokeball Jar – clever idea!


Pokeball Suncatcher


Easy DIY Pokeballs that kids can make!

Pokeball lego craft

Flickr Brikachu

Pokemon Ball Bag Collage

Pokemon Ball Party Bags

DIY Pokeballs

DIY Pokeballs

pokeball cushion diy

Pokeball cushion (of course!!)

Some edible Pokemon Food Fun:

Pokemon Pizza

Pokeball Pizza – how genius!


EASY peasy Pokeballs to eat!

SO. What do you think? Do we have enough Pokemon DIY ideas for you to keep you going?! I think there are some great Pokemon Party ideas here too and hopefully will have all your crafty inspiration sorted!