Quick Craft Post: Magazine Craft Challenge

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christmas card makingA quick Christmas card craft for your kids! Cute. Cheap. Fun.

I do love a crafty challenge, so when the gorgeous Tinkerlab said that the next challenge was on, I knew we *had* to take part. This time she set the “magazine” craft challenge. Nothing like a bit of recycling. And at this time of year, you will probably have a lot of catalogues and junk mail lying around. There is a “linky” below with links to the other blogs taking part in the challenge and getting crafty. Go check them all out!

Tinkerlab Creative Challenge

We were in need of some Christmas cards from Red Ted to his grandparents, so this prooved the ideal opportunity to make some.

Not an original idea at all, but Red Ted enjoyed himself and I love the out come.

Materials: Old magazines, scissors, glue, card stock (ours is recycled from old work brochures)


1. Decide on a “design”. We went for Christmas Trees, Santas and Snowmen. I think both Red Ted (3.75yrs) and I liked the Christmas Trees best. And Red Ted was able to do ALL the cutting. I helped him, by “holding a rectangular stencil” over the piece he need to cut. And he managed them all himself. He also chose the colours (my suggestion of a green tree was instantly rejected). He wasn’t able to cut the circles for the Santa and snowman and insisted that I did it for him.

The cutting really is the fun bit – as you get to browse you magazine for colours and ideas. The Santa’s hat actually has buttons and a white trim from a skirt and top combo on one of the pages. Red Ted thought this was the bees knees!

christmas cards children

2. (The next day)  Red Ted did do all the sticking. To help him know where to stick things, we layed it all out in front of him.

christmas cards recycled

He really wanted a photo with his cards….

card making kids Christmas card making kids

3.Then we made some “baubles”, “snow” and “buttons” with the hole punch. I think this was the most fun bit! And Red Ted continued hole punching long after we had finished. Sticking on the circles was a little tricky. So we did it together.

Christmas cards recycled

And he was so proud, we need another photo of him with the cards:

christmas card making

What do you think? Simple! Cute! Fun.

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