Review: VUPbaby – Melissa & Doug Beads

Ever since we received our very first set of Hama Beads, I have discovered, that my kids simply *love beads* and it led to our Salt Dough Bead creation. Beads beads beads it is.. and we have even made some out of paper mache and sand! As much as we (I?) like making beads, the kids just love to handle them and get creative. Whenever they see beads, they are attracted to them like bees to honey.

Beads are colourful.

Beads are fun.

Above all, beads are great for a child’s motor skills heaven. And for some reason,

..beads are irresistible to kids. Win win.

As a lover of quality and wooden toys, we were over the moon, when VUPbaby sent us some gorgeously delicious Melissa & Doug beads. They arrived just in time for Pip Squeak’s birthday and made for a perfect extra gift. She is only young (2yrs), but is surprisingly good at not eating stuff and even better at actually doing some beading.


The Melissa & Doug set is adorable. It comes with 5 “laces” (they have a lace type ends, that make it much easier for small hands to bead the beads) and in a handy little tray with a clear sliding lid (again mummy heaven. I do like beads, but I also like to be able to tidy them away).

I love that the beads are made from wood and painted with non toxic paints.

I love that thread is indeed “laced” so small hands can handle it.

I love that it comes in a sturdy box to keep the beads in (and which will double up nicely as a dolls sideboard in the dolls house once we are finished the beads).

The kids loved, that the beads are colourful and that they get a set of “large ones” – with flowers and butterflies. Interestingly, Red Ted went for the big ones and Pip Squeak for the little ones. Red Ted also just loved running his fingers through all the beads and feeling them and listening to the sounds they make.

Necklaces and bracelets made from these will actually look nice (and if I am “forced to wear them”, I will do so delightedly!!).

I find that sometimes wooden beads can look a bit rough around the edges and cheap. These don’t at all. They are just perfect.

Thank you VUPbaby for sending us such a lovely toy to review!