Seaside Shell Windchime Craft

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Recently my father (Opapa) was visiting and we decided to head to the seaside in Whitstable for a Sunny Day out. The sound of the waves, crashing on the shore, the crunching of a bebbly beach under foot. The kids adored “finding things” and we spotted lots of little jelly fish, a sea snail (to much excitement, as we love snails generally in our house), some sea glass, shells and lots and lots of stones. A lovely day all round. Whitstable has some great “holey stones” that I have never seen before (apparently you hang them on your backdoor to ward off evil spirits) and I thought they, plus some broken shells would make a great beach/ seaside mobile! We usually NEVER collect broken shells, but for once we were on a mission. I can’t “do” with drilling holes when crafting with the kids, so natural holes it is.

Seaside Crafts


Enjoy the seaside

Beach Shell Crafts

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Our hole-y stash once home. Pip Squeak and I decided it would be perfect to combine them with brightly coloured pony beads.

Shell Windchime Craft


We chose our shells and pony beads and laid out an order for each of our winchime strand. The heavy stones at the bottom, to give it a nice momentum.

Beach Shell Wind Chime Craft


I then found some beading cotton (it is thicker than normal cotton and quite strong, if you don’t have any, you could use bakers twine? Or something similar to that). Pip Squeak threaded on an item and I knotted it. Then we moved onto the next one she threaded on and I knotted…

Easy Crafts for Kids - Seaside Shell Windchime Craft - Super easy Seaside Windchime Craft from shells, stones and pony beads! A lovely summer craft for kids and preschoolers. Great for fine motor activity and a summer keepsake! #seashells #shells #preschool #summer #craftsforkids


Then we tied them all onto a piece of drift wood and done. We think it is OH SO PRETTY! Pip Squeak really wanted it hanging in her bedroom, but we settled on in the garden, so that her brother could enjoy it too (though we do have enough shells and stones to make another one.

Happy Seashell Crafting everyone!

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