Second Chance Saturday with Calpol

Oooh my… now here is a WONDERFUL competition being run by Calpol – a Second Chance Saturday. Did your children miss something “really important” to them due to being poorly? Maybe they missed their best friend’s birthday party? Or maybe they missed the end of term school party? Maybe they missed out on a trip to the zoo?

Well.. this is Second Chance Saturday. Take part and you and your child could win said event “recreated by Calpol”. Calpol will restage the event your child missed – spending up to £6,000 to make it bigger and better than its original form.  AND they will film and photograph every aspect of the Second Chance Saturday for the child and Mum/Dad to have as keepsakes. HOW wonderful is that?!??!

Here is our story:

Red Ted was in the local school’s nursery class last year. To make things special for the children moving up to Reception and to help them get used to “School”, the school organises a wonderful  “Graduation from Nursery” day. Well. We THINK it is wonderful. We don’t actually know, as Red Ted missed the day due to Chicken Pox. All the other children got to “graduate”, sample the “School Dinners” and meet their new teacher for the coming year. Red Ted didn’t. We got to stay at home, nursing a temperature and itchy spots, though overall we were lucky not to get it “as bad as some”. The poor little thing was so sad about missing his big days with his friends and hearing all about it afterwards. To add insult to injury, we then had  a number of play dates cancelled in case his sister was still infectious. 

I guess it just one of those things, eh?!

So. What did your child miss out on due to being poorly? Write a story (no more than 750 characters) and find out more about how to enter here by 6PM on Monday 13/11/12.

Annabel Karmel , Babycentre and I will be getting together on the 19 November to review all your stories and pictures and try and find a winner. I know it is going to be hard, but I cannot wait to see what you get up to.

Visit Calpol’s website for the Terms & Conditions.

Please note: Red Ted Art is not in any way responsible for the delivery of the prize.