Shop ’til You Drop? No Sweat!

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Well. Shopping is something that I am REALLY not that keen on. You will find me ordering the kids’ birthday presents online. You will find me stocking up craft supplies online (ok, occasionally I will treat myself to a visit to the art shop) and you will never ever find me shopping for clothes.

I can’t stand it. I am not sure why – maybe I feel I don’t have the time. Maybe it is the waiting in line to try on clothes. Maybe it is the lights in the changing rooms. But going clothes shopping (for myself) always brings me out in a horrified cold sweat.

So… remember the Great Baking Challenge? Where I made this cake and tried out the Nivea Stress Protector?


Well, I mentioned that a friend was visiting from Vienna in that post. So the same weekend, not only did I “get to” bake a delicious cake.. I also went SHOPPING with said friend. Ugh. (Ugh the shopping, not spending a lovely time with the friend). We left the house at 9:30am, visited a museum, had an afternoon tea at lunchtime (it has gotta be done with overseas friends) and then hit the shops.

We need to last until late in the evening as were meeting more friends for dinner.

How did the Nivea Stress Protector fair?


Afternoon Tea was a snitch. Well it would be. It is lovely afterall.

But then came this:


Like I say, I am not a keen shopper in the slightest. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

And if taking off layers of winter clothing and donning store items – that don’t always fit well and being inspected by friends. So be it.

I actually found a couple of items of clothing I liked (a new every day top and a lovely “going out dress”). The shopping was successful.

How did Nivea do? Considering we were yet to meet friends for dinner and had been out all day and had to experience my much hated changing rooms, I was a little concerned about “freshness” at the end of the day. But I have to say “fresh” I was… the deodorant works! Yay. No problems on that front.