Easy Snowflake Craft Ideas for kids to make this Winter

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Snowflake. Snowflake. Little Snowflake. Little Snowflake. Falling-from-the-sky…… Snowflake. Snowflake.. aaaah. How my kids are desperate for it to snow this coming Winter. Last year, we didn’t see a single snowflake. So, we decided that we had to create our own little snowflake scene indoors. Time for some Snowflake Craft Ideas. These snowflake DIYs perfectly compliment any Winter Art Projects you may be working on this year!

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These snowflake crafts were first published in Oct 2014 and have been updated and republished for your convenience!

Maybe this year, the weather will allow the kids to have this simple pleasure and we will have less reason to make our own (and we also had to make do with a bunch of Snowman Crafts!)! Having said that, I know some of you live in areas where the snow comes too early and stays too long… we can never have it “just right”, can we?

If you have no snow, or two much snow, you may still enjoy taking a peak at these lovely snowflake crafts – lots of variety – some great recycled snowflakes, some snowflakes for toddlers and some snowflakes for grown ups.

Hopefully, these 20 Snowflake Crafts, will have just the right snowflake for you! All of these snowflakes are relatively easy to make and many don’t need any templates to be made. So you should be able to dive straight in and enjoy… and GET CRAFTY!!

Snowflake Crafts and Ideas

I will try and group the snowfalke DIYs for you – into preschool/ paper snowflakes etc… to make it easier to browse! But often a cetrain craft works in different sections. So do browse them all!

Many of the snowflakes shared here today, would make lovely Winter ornaments to help cheer up those Winter Blues come January and February. They would look great in windows or as snowflake garlands. However, they would also look lovely hanging ina Christmas Tree should choose to make them sooner!

Pretty Snowflake Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Snowflakes are so magical and they make for fun winter crafts to engage kindergartners, preschoolers and toddlers. A wonderful way to start working on those fine motor skills and explore symmetry!

Button Snowflake Craft from Red Ted Art

Here are some cute little popsicle stick snowflakes /Button Snowflakes. We made these a couple of years ago and we loved using The Englishman’s old shirt buttons to make these. Little hands will love having a go at this! A great fine motor activity with such cute results! If you don’t have enough buttons, just make these craft stick snowflakes by decorating with stickers, eco friendly glitter and gems! Just as cute!

A great take on the almost classic pipe cleaner snowflakes – make these stunning Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments  – not only do they look gorgeous.. but they are a great craft for all age groups! They are super easy to make. The key? Get gorgeous gem like beads! Easy to make for young kids and grown ups alike! This one is a great activity for fine motor skills development.

If you don’t have any “fancy” beads like we used the Pipecleaner Snowflakes above.. fear not. You can still make cool pipecleaner snowflakes like The Joy of Sharing has here. Love those pom pom details!

coffee filter snowflake

Coffee Filter Snowflakes are a wonderful childhood classic and super fun for toddlers and preschoolers to make. They love nothing more than getting hold of those scissors and snip snip snipping away. Then seeing what they have created! Lovely to have a go at such easy snowflakes that look wonderful.

Straw Snowflake Print Making

Paper Straw Snowflake Ornaments OR Snowflake Printing – a great way to explore how to create a snowflake shape and then do some printing or creating some snowflake art. So lovely!


No “round up” of best ideas would be complete with out some TP Roll Crafts – We had a go at these super Easy & Simple TP Roll Snowflakes

Snowflake Print Making

Here is a great activity exploring print making and patterns – Simple Snowflake Print Making Craft (UPDATE: Sadly the Pink and Gren Mama Blog is no longer available. I hop eth eimage inspires you to explore print making and pattern making regardless – simply focus on making a symmetrical snowflake as part of this activity)

snowflake crafts ornaments

More recycled crafty fun – finally something to make out of all those puzzles that have a couple of pieces missing! – Puzzle Snowflake Ornaments. Just grab some paint, some glue and off you go! You could even add a little eco friendly glitter to this!

crayon resist snowflake

No snowflake collection worth it’s salt is complete with out some cute snowflakes created with crayons and water colours. Fun at home with kids show us how. The best kids activities for winter!

Similarly, young children (actually, kids of all ages) will love these oh so simple Snowflake Painting Resist Art from Little Bins Little Hands.

Finally, do take a peak at In the Playroom‘s Snowflake Handprints.

Lovely Paper Snowflake Crafts for Kids of all ages

Though I think EVERYONE can enjoy the crafts shared in the snowflakes for kindergarten and preschool section, here are the “next” level cratfs that older kids and adults can enjoy too! Let’s begin with some fabulous paper snowflake DIYs. Again, I love how you don’t need a snowflake template to complete these!


In white these GIANT stars make perfect giant snowflakes. And you won’t believe HOW EASY and QUICK they are to make. Simply genius!

Another classic that every child has to have made at some point – 6 Pointed Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Snowflakes and here too


How about giving paper quilling a go with these gorgeous Paper Quilled Snowflakes. How pretty?!

snowflake crafts - quilled

And if you get the quilling bug.. up your skills and try this  Quilled Snowflake Ornament Reese Dixon– quilling is easier and more satisfying than you think!

Another gorgeous Paper Snowflake are these lovely 3D Paper snowflakes from Kids Crafts Room. Just beautiful.

snowflake suncatchers

These for me, are a real “childhood classic”, I remember making similar when I was a child – Snowflake Suncatcher (inclueds free printable)

Snowflake Ballerina

How very sweet are these? Includes temlates for 3 different ballerinas – Such a pretty snowflake Ballerina Idea

snowflake ideas

Or add some oumpf with these Doily Snowflakes

Other Snowflake Crafts and Ideas

hama bead snowflakes

My kids can’t get enough of Hama Beads. So I can see these Hama Bead Snowflakes being a big hit with them this year. They are JUST getting old enough where they are able to follow patterns.

Lots of Hama Bead Snowflake Patterns

pasta snowflake craft

Awwww these Pasta Snowflakes  sure take me back!! How sweet are they. These Snowflakes look great as they are or would look marvellous painted white or silver too!

snowflake craft suncatcher

Make some salt dough snowflakes with this amazing suncatcher craft. I love all suncatcher crafts, especially these lovely little Sun Catcher Snowflakes – they turned out lovely. Homegrown Friends has a lovely tutorial.

Love this Pour Paint technique used to make these pretty snowflakes by Twitchetts.

snowflake craft clings

Here is a clever idea that I have featured before and I think is popular with you  – Snowflake “clings” (such a clever craft)

snowflake crafts lanterns

Love the simplicity of this Christmas decoration – simply paint! Simple Snowflake Lanterns


Fabulous Clothes Peg Snowflake

snowflake garland craft

And how simple, but effective is this Snowflake Garland???

DIY Crystal Snowflakes

A great science come craft activity – DIY Crystal Snowflakes

Snowflake crafts

Clothes peg Snowflake

Snowflake Crafts Glitter

Sparkle Snowflakes


DIY White Clay Snowflakes (incl. cornstarch recipe) – UPDATE: this post is currenlty unavailable, but we will be getting a guest post on it SOON! In the meantime, check out this white clay recipe and use snowflake cutters to have a go!

If you loved these Snowflake Crafts.. I think you may enjoy these wonderful Winter Art Projects too?

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