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Welcome back to our “Get Crafty” round up! A round up of crafty ideas out there designed to inspire you and your family to get crafty! This month’s theme is “Space Crafts for Kids” – all those wonderful, stars, planets, moons, rockets and maybe the odd aliens. Hopefully you will find something for everyone.

Fun Outer Space Crafts for Kids!

space crafts for kids - have a BLAST with these fabulous space inspired crafts for kids. From rocket pack packs, to solar system papier mache and alien hama beads... you will love these out of this world DIYs for kids!

As with many “collections” of easy kids crafts, I have tried to order our Space Crafts into different sub topics! From Solar System Crafts, to DIY Astronauts and some cheeky aliens. Hopefully lots of crafty inspiration for you today and you will have a go at some of the fun space crafts sahred today! I would say this collection of crafts has appeal to kids of all ages.. and you should find something for toddlers, preschoolers as well as older kids too!

Solar System Crafts

Let’s start with Solar System Ideas!

solar system crafts

Paper Mache Solar System

A while back we got all “spacey” and made this paper mache solar system. Red Ted loved having a go at the mache and even more painting it. We now have these hanging in his room above his bed. This of course also includes the Moon.. so if you need any moon crafts, this is a sure winner!


Solar System Snowglobe

Inspired, we also made a Solar System Snowglobe. Fun to make. Worth a look, but maybe not the best “snowglobe craft”!

Egg Solar System

Eggcellent Space Explore

Another fun one – but we really DID LOVE!! If you are ever part of an egg decorating competition at school.. then this Egg Solar System is a must! The eggs were so fun to paint and we enjoyed making up puns for each planet. And yes.. my son won! Woohoo!

solar system crafts

Solar System Mobile

If paper mache isn’t quite your thing, how about this paper solar system by Martha Stewart? Stylish and a great way to explore the solar system! I like that you can make it any size and in that sense more “manageable”.

galaxy crafts

More Paper Planets

I love the simplicity and yet colourfulness of these little paper planets. So easy. So crafty. So lovely. From the lovely se7en.

out of space crafts

Orbiting Planets Craft

Or simplify it once more and make it interactive with this simple and yet fabulous Orbiting planets craft from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. This is a great construction paper craft for kids! Though can of course also use a paper plate to make this solar system!

Paper Plate Space Wreath

Or why note use said paper plate to make this fabulous Space Wreath? So cute. Toddlers and preschoolers especially will love this one!

moon phases

Phases of the Moon Wreath

Similarly, how about a fabulous phases of the moon wreath? With a gorgeous printable too!

space crafts

Firey Suns and More

A whole set of space activities over at Mrs Karen’s Class – from firey suns, to rockets, to moon rocks, to collages. Brilliant, you are bound to find something you like!

Astronaut Crafts for Kids

Any space themed crafts MUST have some Astronauts, right?!

astronaut paper puppet

Astronaut Paper Puppet – STEAM Project

Super fun STEAM project – learn some basic mechanics when putting together this simple articularted astronaut paper puppet! Check out the little video on auto play to see how easy it is to make! This astronaut comes wtih a free template! Would make the perfect addition to any space themed lesson plans.


Astronaut Hand Puppet to Print and Color!

This little Astronaut Puppet is a printable template, to print and color is super fun and part of a set of 26 ABC Careers Puppets. What do you want to be when you grow up?! Lots of fun to be had with these in the classroom!

Alternatively, we now have a set of 5 Astronaut Puppets (that includes the individual astronaut. as well as a full color astronaut freebie, as well!

Constellation Crafts for Kids

Constellations Printable Luminary

A wonderful little paper luminary! This has the top 5 constellations that kids should know. A great educational printable and craft!

constellation crafts

Constellation Cards

Fantastic little constellation cards by Nature Watch. I love love love these… especially as you can have some great light and shadow play with them too. A must read.


Star Cave for Babies and Toddlers

This is just the most ADORABLE craft ever – a cardboard box turned into a starry cave. My kids adore playing in cardboard boxes… but how irresistible would this be? More over at Play At Home Mom.

space activities

Galaxy Play Dough For Sensory Play

Another great one for toddlers and preschoolers – some sensory fun with galaxy playdough. How about making a moon scape? Or exploring the galaxy with this galaxy from Fairy Dust Teaching. Looks fantastic and makes for great space exploration! Or give this Space Playdough from Picklebum a go.

DIY Rocket Ships

Time for some spaceships or space shuttles.. in this collection of space theme crafts!

toilet roll firework rocket

Paper Roll Rockets

Lets kick things off with these super simple paper roll rockets! They make the perfect space shuttle craft for preschoolers. Super easy to make and look so cute (You can even pop a photo of your child in the rocket’s window!). We do love crafting with toilet paper rolls! So versatile, eco friendly and above all FUN!

straw rockets

Straw Rockets with Templates

More STEAM fun with these fabulous Straw Rockets from Buggy and Buddy. Add these to any lesson plans looking at trajectories! A great addition to any space themed science lessons and the printables sure come in handy.

rocket crafts

DIY Rocket Pack Costume

Well… we somehow have to GET to space. How about this wonderful rocket pack made from old bottles by Homemade Happiness (sadly this site is not longer available.. but there are many “replicas” they inspired since – e.g. have a go at this one)? Love them. Would go great with a fancy dress costume.

rocket crafts

Blast off with a Balloon Rocket

Take a rocket… a straw.. some string and a BALLOON and what do you get??! You will have to visit A Little Learning For Two and check out this brilliantly fun rocket craft!

rocket craft

And here you have an outdoor balloon rocket from ehow. Lots more summer fun!x

space rocket

Bottle Rocket

And you can’t have a Space Get Crafty without including the fabulous(ly mobile) Bottle Rocket from Science Sparks! Be sure to watch the little video of it BLASTING OFF!

Crafts for boys footprint rockets

Footprint Rocket

Why not make one of these BRILLIANT footprint rockets – I love the fact that you have a footprint for the rocket itself AND that you add your children’s pictures in the peep holes. So cute and so fun! A fabulous keepsake. Fun Handprint Art shares their idea!x

Alien Crafts for Kids

Well we simply have to have some cheeky and super fun Aliens too.. right?!

Paper Plate Flying Saucer With Alien

Cutest UFO Craft on the block! Make these paper plate Flying Saucers, complete with Aliens. This also comes with a great list of picture books about aliens. So fun!

Handprint Crafts A

Handprint Alien – Exploring the ABC with Preschoolers

Working on a whole Handprint Alphabet, we started off with an “A for Alien“. Love it. Aliens are a great craft for young children as there is no right or wrong. Check out the rest of our Handprint Alphabet for non spacey handprint ideas!

space invaders

Fine Motor Skills Space Invaders Coasters

Who new that Hama Beads could also be “cool” – remember the now retro “Space Invaders” from the 80s? Well… the pixels are ideal for some Hama Bead coasters. We made some and then Red Ted couldn’t stop making more and more and more.


Bottle Top Aliens

I was pleased to see that one of my favourite crafty blogs, Se7en, had some wonderfully colourful aliens to share with us. Check out these fabulous little creatures. Simple adorable.x

alien crafts

Gloop Aliens

Want something a little more, ahem, tactile, then nip over to Makes and Takes and check out these fun aliens! Fun all the way. The kids will love it!x

alien crafts

Alien Headband

Or turn your little one into an alien with this cute “head band” that Little Learners Lounge made!

space craft ideas

Alien Rocket Craft for Kids

Did you make some of se7en’s aliens above? Well if you did, then they need an Alien Space Rocket. Look no further… se7en obliges! A nice take on the traditional “doll’s house”!x


Paper Plates Flying Saucer

Alternatively these paper plate flying saucers are wonderfully colourful and would be great fun to make. Check out Preschool Crafts for details!x

Hope you enjoyed this round up of Space and Galaxy crafts!!

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