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Here to our Kid’s Craft:

Let’s delve straight in, this week’s story + art project involves previous craftiness – our egg carton boats and scented playdough!

Barbapapa Barbapapa, by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.

Reading age 5-7yrs, Read together age: 2yrs – 5yrs.

I vaguely remember reading or being read the Barbapapa stories for the first time on a trip to Canada. We were taken to the local library or storytime and I was introduced to the wonderful world of the fabulous Barbapapa family. So before Red Ted was even born, these books (amomgst a number of others) already graced out bookshelves. To my pleasure Red Ted took to the books himself (even tore one up, but we were able to tape it all back up again).

Barbapapa is a funny being that can change his shape to anything he likes. In the very first book, Barbapapa is born (like a flower). He is too big to stay with the family he was born into and is sent to the Zoo. The Zoo keeper doesn’t like him, as he is able get out the cages by changing his shape and goes off to play with the animals. Barbapapa is sad and wanders off… his shape changing abilities then save the day on more than one occassion and the people around him begin to love in. Happy End.

The craft project(s)

egg carton boat

(See my Guest Post on  egg carton boat for details on how we made our boats!) We made our craft project very simple – we made some playdough (click here to see How Make Scented Playdough) and then had some playdough fun! (For a truly awesome Barbapapa project visit Zoe and here girl’s at Playing By the Book here).

Loved this “craft” session, as it gave us a chance to play with other crafty things we had previously made too – like our Egg Carton Boats.So.

We played with this over several days. We had fun making little men. We mixed colours. And we got out our sailboats and went sailing (here is the original sailboat post). We lined them up. We made big ones and little ones. We had fun.

Now when Red Ted sees playdough he shouts Barbapapa! (or at least a toddler version of this!)

And our playdough has lasted weeks and we keep coming back to it!!!! Hurray!

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