Summer Lanterns

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Summer Lantern Rainbow

Just before we ZOOMED off on holiday, my publisher asked me to run a crafty workshop at the Wilderness Festival. Workshops are a great way to “test run” Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids! in groups. Though, the book is designed for crafting in the family – where there is time for things to dry etc – the book DOES work in group environments too. You just need to adapt the activities and crafts a little. Some are still great for all age groups – like these Summer Lanterns shared here today – others are for older children – like our felt strawberries!

Kids craft books

The book is available in the UK via Amazon and independent book stores.

Internationally, you can get it with free postage from Fishpond.

Summer Lanterns are lovely for those shortening evenings, when you still want to sit outside but it is getting a little dark. Our lanterns were made with 100% recycled materials (exluding the PVA glue) – I salvage all tissue paper from gifts, flowers and store wrapped items…

Halloween lights Red Ted Art

These Summer Lanterns are a “take on” the Halloween Lanterns featured in the book. I have to say, I am still rather partial to the Halloween Lanterns.. so easy to make and bags of fun.. but the Summer ones are colourful and cheerful version of them!

Summer Lantern Craft

Jar Lanterns are so easy to make – all you need is an old jar, some tissue paper and water down PVA (white) glue or decoupage glue. 

1) Cut your tissue paper into small squares – they don’t have to be super neat, but 1cm x 1cm in rough size is good

2) Apply a layer to the cleaner jar.

3) Add your tissue paper.

4) Add glue over it and add another 2-4 layers of tissue paper depending on the effect you would like.

5) Finally, if you want add silhouettes in black.

Watch our video and see how easy they are to make and for youngsters to help you make these.

Happy Crafting!!

Our featured blog of the week from the Kids Get Crafty linky party LAST week.. is Science Sparks.. just because it is such a  pretty way to look at density and it reminded me of our Rainbow Jar craft!