Tiger Craft: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Our UK Blogging Awards “BiBs” “mini series” continues! The “BiBs”  is a UK award ceremony in which I have been nominated for Crats and Outstanding (ahem, please do vote for me if you wish…). I thought it would be nice to highlight some of my lovely peer group with guest posts from fellow nominees in the Craft Category. For me, events like the BiBs, is an opportunity to explore and celebrate my peer group and get excited about all things crafty. This is a chance for me AND you, to get to know them beter! Here we have Kirsty from Read & Create sharing a lovely Tiger Craft to go with the “The Tiger Who Came for Tea” storybook.

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (1)

Thank you so much to Maggy for inviting me to guest post on Red Ted Art. I blog at Damson Lane and each week I share a favourite children’s story linked with some fun crafts and activities.

This week we’ve been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. The story is a wonderful, whimsical tale of a tiger who comes to have tea with a little girl called Sophie and her mummy. We recently did some bubble wrap printing and my son absolutely loved it, so I thought we would try it with a tiger theme

Tiger Craft – Materials:

1. Plain paper to print on
2. Cereal box or a tray (to put your paint in and roll your bubble wrap printer)
3. Orange, black and white poster paint
4. Cardboard Tube
5. Bubble Wrap
6. Sticky Tape
First of all I prepared the painting station. I used some tape to stick some plain paper to the craft table. Sticking the paper down means that little ones can concentrate on painting instead of worrying about the paper moving around. To make the bubble wrap printer I took a long cardboard tube and stuck a strip of bubble wrap to the outside with sticky tape. This makes a scrunchy and bubbly rolling pin.

Tiger Craft For Preschoolers – what we did:

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (3)

Then, I cut one side off a cereal packet and squirted thick lines of orange, white and black paint into the box. You can use a tray or anything big enough to allow you to roll the bubble wrap printer in the paint.

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (4)

Burt took the bubble wrap printer and rolled it in the paint so that the bubble wrap was covered in stripes of orange, black and white paint. Then, he started from the bottom of the piece of plain paper and slowly rolled the bubble wrap printer up the paper.

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (5)

After a few turns rolling the bubble wrap printer in the paint and onto the paper the whole page was covered in fantastic, textured tiger stripes.

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (6)

The tiger stripes print looked fantastic and once it was dry we decided to use a tiger template to cut a tiger shape. Bubble wrap printing is such an easy and fun method of painting and achievable even with small children. With a little preparation it is a task that kids can do independently with really effective results.

Tiger Craft for preschoolers (1)

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