Unicorn Corner Bookmark

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It has only been about 2 weeks without  new corner bookmark design…. so thought it was about time to do another (hahahaha). Today, I have a MUCH requested UNICORN Corner Bookmark! Yes, a unicorn. We love easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids! This of course doubles up VERY nicely as a Horse Bookmark too (just omit the horn, and use a variety of colours – black, brown, white, add horses details such as dabbled grey and stars on the forehead!). I have to confess, it was a bit of a challenge to figure this one out and am super pleased with how this little paper unicorn DIY turned out!

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This unicorn corner bookmark was made in collaboration with my friend Jenny at Origami Tree – who makes an Origami Unicorn Bookmark (to follow shortly!!!) which is simply FABULOUS.  I am so impressed with her paper making skills.

Unicorn Corner Bookmark! Easy and fun and oh so pretty. Turn these into horse bookmarks if you wish. So easy!

Unicorn Corner Bookmark – Materials:

  • Printer paper (white)
  • Contrasting coloured paper (or pens fine too), we used blue for the sky and green for a meadow
  • Gold paper/ gold card/ shimmery card – if you don’t have these maybe a gold pen or you can draw “lines” o the horn with a black pen.. or you could use ordinary card and glue on some glitter!
  • Pens in different colours for details

So without further ado, here is how to make a Unicorn Corner Bookmark!!!

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