Unicorn Party Invites

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Some of you may know, that Pip Squeak is turning FOUR soon! And she would like to have a Unicorn Party theme. That opens up lots of possiblities – unicorns (of course), rainbows, glitter etc. So to start our Unicorn party season off, we had to design and make our party invites! I try and get the kids to help make their own party invites, afterall it is THEIR party, so they have to be age appropriate. After some thought, I settled on our rainbow unicorn invites as Pip Squeak was able to do a lot of it!

Unicorn Party for Preschoolers

Materials: black card, coloured paper, printer & white paper, glues stick, silver pen (we went with what we had at home!)

1) I cut strips of paper for her (we didn’t have purple, so the rainbow is not quite complete).

Unicorn Party

2) Pip Squeak stuck them down. A great opportunity for me to discuss my favourite arty come sciencey “project”: Colour Theory…

Unicorn Party invites

3) Then we found a simple unicorn to print off (yes, I could have drawn one, but we didn’t have the time), I printed them and Pip Squeak cut them all out (am very proud of her cutting skills).

4) Then of course she finally stuck them on.

Unicorn Party ideas

5) We wrote with a silver pen on the back of the black card and I encouraged Pip Squeak to write her own name.

Done! Our friends have had their invites and now we “just” have to start planning what to do on the day.

I asked on Facebook and people gave me GREAT Unicorn Party ideas including:

1) Hoop the hoop onto the Unicorns horn

2) Pin the tail to the unicorn or pin the horn to the unicorn

3) Make rainbow jelly

4) Make rainbow cookies and sprinkles for the party bags

5) Get the kids making unicorn horns as a party activity –  (by making a cone from a piece of cardstock & decorating it, then hot gluing ribbon to tie under our chin to keep it on)

6) Make a Rainbow Cake

7) Upside down icecream corns as “horns”

8) Have a plate of rainbow fruit

9) Make unicorn hobby horses

10) Paper plate unicorn crafts

11) Make “unicorn food” mixture to lure unicorns (sunflower seeds for sunny smiles, powdered sugar for energy, skittles for bright rainbows, etc. etc.)

12) Hoof print treasure hunt

13) Throw the horse shoe (for outdoors parties only.. ours will be indoor, so not realistic)

14) “any” rainbow craft

15) If I have time, I MAY just make some of these little unicorns for the party bags!

16) Make some DIY Unicorn Headband Kits as Party Favours

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