Valentines Cards for Kids: Pop Up Card

Super duper cute and easy Valentines Cards for Kids to make. Experiment with some Pop Up Valentines Cards for Kids today. DIY Pop Up Cards are so fun!

Valentines Cards for Kids Fun Pop Up Cards

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2014.  To see in the new year, I have asked fellow bloggers to come and visit Red Ted Art for 31 Days of Love! Yes. We are having 31 Days of Love related crafts – from Valentines Cards to Valentines Gifts that Kids Can make. Lots of lovely love related crafts to keep you and the kids inspired and busy this coming weeks. Each day I will have not one, but TWO lovely Guest Posters sharing their Valentines ideas.

Today we have the lovely Meme Tales visiting (more info about her great blog below!).

Valentines Cards for Kids: Pop Up Accordion Card

We love pop up cards in our home. Another thing we love doing is writing books! So we put the two loves together and made a very easy Valentines Cards for Kids: an Accordion Book Pop Up Heart Card.

Valentines Cards for Kids

1) The card is so simple to make. Cut out a heart shape.

2 & 3) Fold a long strip of paper into an accordion book and then glue the edges into the two sides of the card on the inside.

4) Decorate the outside as you like. Our accordion book is about “all the ways I love you”, so our card is in the shape of a heart and lists all the reasons my kids love me.

Just make sure that the accordion book is smaller than the outside page and you will be set!

About MeMeTales

MeMeTales is a website with children’s books for kids and book resources for parents. We even have a book reader app and a blog full of ideas for parents. Check out these other posts to get a peek into more ideas – Here are 10 Awesome Children’s Books About Love. Read some books while you get your craft on!


You should definitely check out this post with the top children’s books from 2013. Truly awesome books …works of art, really.


Thank you so much for visiting Meme Tales! We love the cuteness and simplicity of your Valentines Card – what a clever idea to add the accordion! So much to make and decorate.

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