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Origami Bat

How to make a basic Origami Bat and then turn it into a Bat Corner Bookmark
Active Time15 mins


  • Black paper - 20cm x 20cm (approximate)
  • Contrasting paper for decorating
  • Scissors (if shaping your basic bat)
  • Pen
  • Glue


  • Fold across the diagonal to create a triangle. Make a neat crease
  • Take the long edge of your triangle and folds up 1.5cm
  • Fold a wing down at 45degree angle (creating a perpendicular), and then back up,
    making sure the fold back up is in parallel with the original
  • Repeat for the second wing.  The basic origami bat is finished
  • Cut a wave into the wings, and cut a little shape out of the top of the head (this
    will also allow you to use it as a bookmark corner)
  • Decorate with paper eyes, cheeks and add a mouth either in silver or with a darker pen