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Pop Up Gingerbread Card

An easy technique for making Pop Up Christmas Cards - today we make some cute 3d Gingerbread Cards
Active Time20 mins


  • Card stock
  • Brown paper
  • Contrasting paper for decorating
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen/ pencils


  • Fold your paper into 6 folds for a paper chain
  • Draw out your half gingerbread man - with the centre on the FOLD of the paper. Cut out. You should have a chain of three gingerbread men
  • Decorate with faces, smiles and buttons
  • Fold up and add glue to one half of the gingerbread man, glue into card
  • Fold card and make sure its glue securely. Now add glue to the opposite half gingerbread man and again fold the card, to secure in place
  • The basic card is now finished and you can add any additional decoratios - such as candy canes, stickers, snowflakes