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Easy Bath Bomb Recipe

An easy bath bomb recipe that kids can make, that does not require citric acid, just store cupboard ingredients
Active Time20 mins


  • bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) 
  • cream of tartar (in the baking isle)
  • essential oils (we used lavender) - always follow instructions on the label
  • dried lavender (optional) or sprinkles for decor
  • silicon moulds or ice cube trays
  • bowl for mixing
  • a little water that you can spray
  • food colouring (optional)


  • Mix your bircabonate of soda, tartar, oil, essential oils and food colouring until you have a colour you are happy with
  • 2-3 sprays of water
  • It will start to sizzle as the bicarbonate of soda reacts with the water. Start mixing it and it will feel a little more “solid”, a bit like wet sand. When you can indent your spoon on the mixture and leave a nice “shape” behind without it crumbling too much you are ready to transfer to your ice cube trays
  • Using a SPRAY bottle really is important (use a cleaned out cleaning bottle), as this disperses the water evenly and avoids, the bircab to just sizzle away in one part of your bowl
  • Mix in some lavender
  • Fill into your icecube trays (silicon REALLY IS BEST, else it is VERY HARD to get out in one go) and press down hard
  • Let dry for at least 1-2 days. They get harder over time - the longer you leave them the better
  • Remove gently and done. If you find, they break apart, you didn’t add enough water spray to begin with. You can crumble it all again, spray with more water and start again