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Easy Friendship Bracelets

Super easy friendship bracelets using the cardboard disc technique
Active Time30 mins


  • 7 Threads in desired colours x 50cm
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tin can for making template (though templates are available for download)


  • Using a tin can or similar, cut out a cardboard circle.
    Draw 4 lines across your disc to create 8 equal segments.
    Make a hole in the middle.
    Cut 1cm into each line you drawn – so you have approximately 1cm cut, 2 cm uncut and then the hole.
  • Take your seven strands of yarn and tie a knot at one end.
    Thread your strands through the hole in the disc.
    Take one strand at a time and slot it through one of the 1 cm strips. You should have 7 strands tucked in, with one “space slot”.
  • Take the 3rd strand to the LEFT of the spare slot, lift it up, bring it down and put across the spares slot. This creates a new space.
    Rotate your disc for this to point down and pick the strand 3 to the left and fold down.
    Your yarn friendship bracelet will begin to “grow” on the other side of the disc, give it a gentle tug every so often.



Instructions with templates and illustrations are available here: