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Pumpkin Treat Bags

Adorable collage photo pumpkin treat bags for preschool


  • Brown paper bag
  • Orange paper for printing on
  • Green or contrasting paper for butterflies (or bats)
  • A photo of the child(ren)
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Take photos of your preschoolers in a pushing something up position and print.
  • Print out a pumpkin template on to your orange paper. There are some great pumpkin templates here.
  • Similarly print out some green butterflies – we have some simple Butterfly Templates here, or have a go at these fabulous paper butterflies here.n black paper and add to your brown bag.
  • Cut out your preschoolers image, your pumpins and butterflies.
  • Assemble on black paper and add to your brown bag.