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How to… make an Octopus out of Kids’ Tights

| April 22, 2011 | 47 Comments

Oh hello hello hello! I am sooo pleased about today’s How To… it again, has been brewing for quite a few months now, whilst I figured out “how to” actually do it: 4 pairs of tights converted into a cuddly Octopus toy!! And the best thing about it, is that it is practically no sew.. you will have to sew a little, but really, not very much at all!

And now it is all ready for the Water Get Crafty – a carnival of water related craft ideas for children and adults!

***and from the comments: this would make a perfect baby shower gift too.. simply “don’t” do any cutting (and add the head on inside out – like when you fold socks together) or the sewing and use white label stickers to stick on some eyes! Then it can easily be taken apart again for baby! Love that idea!! ***

So… let’s get to it!!

All you need is:

  • 4 pairs of old, but still nice tights. The younger the child, the better, you don’t want an enormous Octopus!
  • Toy stuffing
  • Some thread
  • Some felt for the eyes

We had a set of 4 stripe tights. They were so lovely I didn’t want to part with them!

Stuff all the “legs” half way – to about the knee, not too much more.

The one “clever” bit of this octopus, is getting all the parts of the tights facing the same way. The head is made the same when you roll up a pair of socks, the top part of the tights folding over the the tights legs. However if you do this, the head would be “inside out”. So what you have to do, is stick the legs through the top by cutting a smallish hole.

If I haven’t explained this very well, please let me know!

Then you simply take the remaining 3 pairs and “stuff them” into the pair that becomes the head and add extra stuffing. The green you can see on the top is the hole you created to push the legs through.

I am a lazy so and so and only sewed the bottom of the Octopus’s neck to the legs. This is an opportunity to position the legs – alternate the colours and make the toes point outwards. You can sew up the “hole” at the top of the head too – which was created when you pushed the two blue legs through. But I find it’s ok as it is. Same goes for the “underneath”. You can “tidy it up” and sew it all together. I didn’t, but I may tomorrow if Red Ted hands it over to me for long enough!  I then sewed some eyes on.

I toyed with a mouth, but decided against it in the end.

Already much loved!

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  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    How brilliant!! When you said you were stuffing your tights I was somewhat concerned as you know! This is lovely though, I might even have a stab at it myself, Kieran is a big Octonauts fans!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaah thank you for lovely comment Nicki!! Red Ted has had it in bed since I made it. No getting it back for final sewing!! And you will love Water Get Crafty coming on 1 May – there WILL be more Octopuses!!!

  3. This is totally awesome Maggy! Love it! Now, have to find some old tights and something to stuff them with! :)

  4. Sharon W says:

    Very cute and Really clever! But what about Pip Squeak? She donated her tights and then didn’t get the octopus!! Sx

  5. Red Ted Art says:

    Hahaha Sharon – these tights were originally Red Ted’s!!! Pip wore them only briefly, before I saved them from hols to make the Octopus!! But a VERY good point made… and Michelle, thank you :-)

  6. Becky says:

    Super and I am definately going to have a go!

  7. Brilliantly brilliant! I can do this. Now, to keep my eyes open for some tights.

  8. Sharon W says:

    I stand corrected! You reclaim your tights Red Ted! Sx

  9. Kerri says:

    Oh my goodness! This is magnificent!! I am clearing out E’s drawers and we have a ton of tights! I love all the colors too! What a super idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Love it! Especially that you don’t have to sew it much.

  11. Natalie rOBERTS says:

    What a brilliant idea. I have lots of tights that are to small for my daughter. I’m going to give this a go next week. Thanks

  12. maryanne says:

    Brilliant! What a fun use of old tights!

  13. Liz Burton says:

    I adore him!

    Not sure I understood it fully, but will read it again when I’m less tired/sun-strokey/afternoon wined :0)

    Thanks for the mention in your recommendations – very touched xx

  14. Red Ted Art says:

    Give me a shout if you have problems.. it’s very easy, just weird to explain… :-(

  15. Ali says:

    This look so cute and with our name I need to find tights :) !!!

  16. This is GORGEOUS – great idea, wish I had a girl and tights so I could copy!

  17. Kanesha says:

    How fun is this!
    My mom is visiting and I think this would be fun for us to do.

  18. 4little1s says:

    What a great idea, finally a goo use for all our old bubble wrap !

  19. Rachel says:

    aaaah! I love it! what a clever way to reuse old tights!

  20. wendy @kikicomp says:

    I love it! am off to clear my little girls tights on – am terrible at getting rid of their clothes so have loads of her cure little baby tights – mind you I dont think it will be as good as your stripey one

  21. Red Ted Art says:

    Maybe you have some spotty ones? That would look FAB too!

  22. Oh my gosh! This is so stinkin’ cute! LOVE it!!!

  23. angie says:

    How adorable love this idea a way to reuse

  24. Sarah says:

    That is fabulous!!! I have to make one!!! It would be fun for a gift too!!! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Great idea and octopus! Thanks!

  26. Lindy@ItsyBitsyPaper says:

    Ok, seriously that is Brilliant! I love it–what a great baby gift too.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oooh good idea!! great for a baby shower – because you only have to do the sewing bit to secure it from busy little hands.. but if you want to underdo it, you just don’t sew in place. Perfect baby shower idea! LOVE!

  27. Holiday Snob says:

    Love it! What a fun idea! Stopping by from Marvelously Messy link party!

  28. Debbie says:

    Very Cute! come and join our party:

  29. Missdaisy says:

    Oh how fab hes wonderful :)

  30. Absolutely LOVE this! And I can probably make it in a few months as DD has Loads of tights yay!!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Wow! So cute and creative! I love undersea creatures.

  32. Danielle says:

    I just wanted to let you know I was featuring this over at Blissful & Domestic today. Stop by and Grab a button:>

  33. Becky says:

    So adorable–Thanks for sharing at Beyond the Picket Fence.

  34. That would even be great with old socks {since I am in a frat house with no daughters}

    Thanks for linking up at Creative Juice. Hope to see you back tonight! Red Ted Art always has such great ideas…

  35. Rashmie @MommyLabs says:

    This is such a brilliant idea. My daughter will love it…
    We have to make! :)

  36. This is fantastic! Would it be wrong to buy girl\’s tights especially for this purpose? I have a little boy, so we\’ve never had any tights in this house. But he is a huge Octonauts fan at the moment, and I\’m sure an Octpus toy would go down a storm.

  37. Betsy says:

    I’m making this forms neice’s babyshower. Since I don’t have any little one IWent to the dollar store bought white baby tights and the dyed them. My problem is trying to understand the hole in the tights for the head Could you explain this again? I would greatly appreciate this since I only have 2 days before the shower!

  38. Red Ted Art says:

    Hello! Thank you for coming back and asking for clarification.

    To be honest, you could do it the “easy” way (which with plain tights won’t be so noticeable) and ignore “the hole” and just put all your tights together (having stuffed the legs) and turning one pair of tights over, the way you would socks when you tidy them into a drawer.

    To explain the above way again….
    1) Fill all your legs with stuffing.
    2) Select the pair you want to use as the head and cut a small hole in the gusset.
    3) Then push the legs of that pair of tights through the hole – from the “outside in”. This will give you a “head with 2 legs sticking out”
    4) Then turn that pair of tights round so the head is up and the 2 legs sticking down and add all the other pairs by stuffing them “in”…

    Is that any clearer? I sometimes don’t understand instructions – i.e. can’t picture what is happening in my head. So I “just follow” the instructions and if by magic it works??? Sorry I can’t explain it better!!

    Good luck!


  39. Christian Cunard says:

    The last explanation defiantly helped to clear up the instructions for the legs part. I will have to make one for my daughter. She will love it. Now I need to find something like this in a monkey. She loves monkeys.

  40. Cindy says:

    Is the hole in the head the waist hole? If not where is yhw waist hole on the blue tights ? I’m confused

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hi, I made a hole in the GUSSET – so between the legs.
      Then I took the legs and popped them in through the guesset hole. Have a go with your tights and then I think you may see what I mean!

      Hope that helps!

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