Welcome to Red Ted Art

Hi, I am Maggy! This is my little sidekick Ted. Welcome to the Red Ted Art® community! I am passionate about making arts and crafts easy and “approachable” for all. Crafting can be a little daunting – Where to start? What supplies to get? And oh my, the mess…! Well, let me help you with that! Easy projects that are fun, satsifying and teaches your kids new creative skills. CRAFTS MADE EASY.

Why Red Ted Art

Fun and easy crafts for everyone! Making crafting accessible to all, whether as a carer you “love” or “hate” crafts, you will enjoy the ideas shared with you on this site! They are aimed to be:
  • Easy
  • Do-able, with great results for all
  • Simple materials (mostly!)
  • Help build skills & confidence

The crafts often focus on seasons and holidays, but there are many ideas for all year around!

My Books

This ethos of simplicity, fun, and do-ability is reflected in my two print copy books.

The first book, is very much a book that reminds me of “my childhood crafting”. A little bit of everything! This book is a great book for younger kids to revisit time and time again and “grow into”.

The second book, is aimed at 8yrs+ who only have access to paper, card and stationery. It is built on everything I learned about the tween and teen audience from my successful YouTube channel.

About Me

A little bit about me! I have been passionate about crafting ever since I was a child. With early childhood memories of making conker snakes in Autumn and Egg Carton Chicks in Spring. Later, I had a wonderful “adoptive granny”, Celia, who taught me how to sew and how to knit and how to make butterfly fairy cakes.

When my kids were born in  early 2010s (I have two – a boy and a girl), I wanted to replicate the joy I had as a child crafting. And also help others on their creative journey.

I quickly realised that LOTS of us need an “adoptive granny” like Celia, but that there aren’t many Celias to go round. Instead, I hope very much that Red Ted Art takes her place:

  • Bringing you easy ideas
  • Help build your children’s craft confidence
  • Teaching the craft basic
  • Giving you inexpensive ideas (crafting should not cost the earth)

… all whilst having FUN! And making fun things to enjoy all the seasons! Your kids will learn with me, will make gifts for family with me and explore art projects.

Accessible. Do-able. Inexpensive.

But with gorgeous results!

More about Red Ted ArtWx

A sample of our most popular Kids’ Crafts:

If you are looking for some sample crafts to get you started.. take a look at these!
But do check out our Holiday and Browse drop down menus for lots of more topics and specifics!

Working with Brands

Over the years I have worked with a number of different and diverse brands and sponsors. I love working with third parties, they always provide me with the opportunity to show case my work, but also stretch my ideas and creativity.

Here are some (a very small sample!!) projects I have been involved with to give you an idea!

For brands I have written craft projects, created video content, appeared in video content and promotional materials, hosted giveaways and competitions, as well as promoted products/ events on social media.

Listen to podcasts I have been interviewed on here:

A sample of podcasts I have been on

Award Winning Blog

Over the years, I have taken part in a number of UK based blog awards. Awards include:

Top 10 Craft Blogger 2019 (for a number of years in a row)


Outstanding Blogger of the Year 2015


Best Arts, Crafts and Design Blog 2016

A number of MAD awards of a couple of years

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