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New Year’s Eve Traditions – Grapes from Spain

| December 16, 2012 | 6 Comments

I hope you don’t mind me going slightly off topic for a few days, as I share with you some New Year’s Eve Traditions from around the world.

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As someone who is half Austrian, half Spanish, living in the UK (and whole-y Englshified), I LOVE traditions. And love revisiting old traditions and making them into traditions for my family.

So I thought you may enjoy a round up from New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world.

Here are the 12 Grapes from Spain:

In Spain, everyone gets a bowl or skewer of 12 grapes just before midnight. On each stroke of the midnight clock you eat one grape. 1 for the first stroke, your second on the second stroke etc. If you manage all 12 you will have a lucky year.

It sounds easy enough… but I remember looking like a hamster with grape filled cheeks and an a juice soak party frock after this activity!

**NOTE** as we all know grapes can be a choking hazard especially for young children. if in doubt, please cut your grapes in half lengthwise.

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  1. Isil says:

    It is interesting to read about the different traditions around the world.

  2. Patricia says:

    You missed saying that everyone makes this grapes tradition according to the Strokes of Puerta del Sol in Madrid clock, we watch it on TV in any channel.
    Also on the 30th we have the pre-grapes when they test the clock works correctly and the Puerta del Sol square is also full of people.

  3. Ana says:

    Hi, I’m from México and we too eat the 12 grapes at midnight.. but with each grape you make a wish for de new year so you actually get 12 wishes, its great and a lot of fun!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Yudith says:

    Same in Dominican Republic, plus with each grape you make a wish; so 12 wishes !!!

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