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Chinese New Year for Kids – Paper Snake

| January 4, 2013 | 19 Comments

Snake craft ideas

Just before Christmas Pip Squeak discovered her love for Paper Chains! We were visiting a friend who has some fabulously shiny, pre cut and with a self adhesive! Perfect for small toddler hands. So we made a fun chain… and with Chinese New Year approaching, I thought another simple snake craft for kids would be great – so we made some paper chain snakes (we have some more Chinese New Year’s Crafts for you to explore, do take a peak!). It took us 10min or so, with very little set up time but a very happy Pip Squeak at the end. I think I will offer to do these with Red Ted’s class once school starts again.

Chinese New Year Craft for Preschoolers

Materials: Red or green paper (or whatever colour you want really), a glue stick or sticky tape, googly eyes & glue, scissors

Preschooler Chinese New Year

1) I cut strips out for Pip Squeak (3yrs). She threaded them through each other, then I held the loop for her, passed her some tape and she taped them all shut. I used tape, as I thought it would be easier for Pip Squeak to manage. I think with slightly older kids I would use the glue stick. I am not sure she could make this totally by herself, but I was impressed at how much better she was getting at inserting, turning and adding the tape.

Chinese New Years Crafts for kids

2) For the head I cut strip twice as wide. Then we glued on googly eyes and taped on a red tongue.

Chinese New Year crafts for kids - year of the Snake

And done! Such a quick and easy Chinese New Year craft! Very cute. Of course you can make snakes at any time of year.. They would be great for practicing your S letter – especially as you can nicely make the shape “S” with your snake.

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  1. Agy says:

    Cute! I can’t believe it will be Chinese NEw Year in a month’s time. I’m just recovering from Christmas!!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    I know, it really catches up with you!

  3. jet says:

    aaaw this is cute, and sooo lovely , thank you for sharing this and for all the efords, a happy new year, with many more idea’s and happy crafting days;-D

  4. What a fun craft for the year of the snake! Happy New Year to you!!

  5. PragmaticMom says:

    What a great craft for Chinese New Year! I’m tired of the red lantern and this is very similar in terms of level of difficulty and materials! Thank you!

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    So pleased PragmaticMom.. though have a couple of lantern crafts too… oops. Having said that, we combined our red lanterns with fairy lights and they are super cute?! (

  7. They are fab! We will certainly be trying those very soon.

  8. Judy says:

    As always, adorable and SO perfect for little hands!

  9. Lovely fine motor practice and wonderful craft! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

  10. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your project! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, we’d love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

  11. Keith says:

    Paper snakes look great. I remember making paper figures at school.
    Nice stuff! :)

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