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Tinkerbell Clothes Pin Doll

| April 3, 2013 | 36 Comments

tinkerbells sisterA few months ago we saw Tinkerbell – The Secret of The Wings and thoroughly enjoyed. It was a sweet and magical movie – what isn’t there to love about fairies – especially Tinkerbell?! So I knew, I would have to do a Tinkerbell craft at some point soon. And finally I made a Tinkerbell peg doll and Tinkerbell’s sister Periwinkle doll for the kids.

CLEARLY I made these peg dolls for the kids – but they inspired a whole set of fairies made by the kids – which I shared over at Teach Preschool. So please be inspired to make your own too with or without the kids!

Making a Tinkerbell Fairy

To start off with I looked at some Tinkerbell Pictures – to see what Tinkerbell’s key characteristics were. Clearly she needed a green dress made from leaves, some pom poms on her shoes, a “bun” hairstyle and of course some WINGS.

I went to work and had a look what I had in my craft box!

 Tinkerbell Fairy Materials

Materials: a dolly peg, green & yellow acrylic paint (if you making with kids, you can substitute this for felt tip pens), green felt, mini pompoms (but you could paint the pompoms on the show), a yellow mini pompom (you could also use a pony bead or some wool tightly wrapped into a small ball), acetate (I had some for overhead projectors, but you get a plastic acetate on some toy packaging or you can use a clear subject divider from a ring binder), PVA glue with a thin nozzle to dispense, glitter, hot glue gun (optional)

I also made a Periwinkle Fairy and needed some blue acrylic paint, blue felt and a white feather

Few.. that sounds like a lot, but really – there is “commentary in the above” and do check what you have “lying around at home”


1) Paint Tinker Bell’s and Periwinkle’s basic dress, shoes and hair. I used acrylics. When the kids do theirs, they use felt tip pens, much easier and they are surprisingly good at managing the pens and the pegs.

 Tinkerbell craft

2) Glue on Tinker Bell’s show pom poms and the yellow pom pom as a hair bun

Tinkerbell Image

3) For the skirt I cut out 6 (and then needed 7) small leaves. I snipped them and folded the snipped bit over to give the leaf some “body”. If making this with kids, I would keep it simple and glue the leaves on “flat”. I used a hot glue gun at this point to speed up the process. But you should be able to do this with a good PVA or fabric glue. On Red Ted’s and Pip Squeak’s fairies (that will be on Teach Preschool soon), we left the skirt out all together.

4) Once dry, glue onto your doll. Again, I used the hot glue gun, but have done similar projects in the past with PVA only.

Tinkerbells Wing

5) Now to Tinkerbell’s wings. This was my most favourite part of the whole craft. I designed a wing on paper – using Tinkerbell’s picture online as a guide. Then I placed the acetate on top and “traced” the Tinkerbell’s wings with glue. Add some glitter. Shook the excess glitter off (and popped it back in the bag) and let it dry. SOOOOO pretty. The kids were delighted! The glitter we have is super fine and beautiful and I got my lot from Zing Zing Tree.

On the kid’s version – there is “no pattern”, just lots of glue and glitter – Pip Squeak also added some little paper hearts. They are equally adorable and on Teach Preschool!

And I can tell you… you will be saying MANY MORE wings like this on Red Ted Art.. the opportunities are endless.

6) Once dry glue to the back of your Tinkerbell fairy. Again, I used the hot glue gun, but a good strong PVA will do the trick!

Tinkerbell images

And you Tinkerbell Peg Doll is FINISHED!! Yay.

I did make a Periwinkle Fairy too, but I wasn’t as pleased with her – Pip Squeak likes them equally though.
Kids craft booksThey then went off to join some other peg dolls that I have made in the past and that I have instructions for in my new book Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids. The book isn’t about perfect but inspiration and shows you a number of Peg Doll creations that my children made based on the pirates and ballerinas and clothes pins mermaids I did for them (click on the links to see how my kids were inspired). So either make these FOR them, or be INSPIRED and make your own version of these with the kids. My kids love both THEIR dolls as much as mine and they are played with equally.


peg dolls

(oh and Red Ted has now put an “order in” for Batman and Robin clothes pins.. based on his Batman Easter Egg).

Tinkerbell CraftsJoin the Kids Get Crafty linky party! Come and share your crafts with or for Kids.. we would love to see what you have been up to!

Have you made any Tinkerbell crafts recently? Or any fairies? We LOVE fairies here!

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  1. My little girl will love making Tink and Periwinkle. Thank you- so very cute.

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. We love Tinkerbell and also saw that movie at a sensory screening. And as for Peter Pan I watch it every day!
    The wings really that easy? They look spectacular.
    Thanks for hosting.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Yes, they are Pinkoddy! I made another set with the kids – and they had GREAT fun doing their own wings and they look lovely too. Was so pleased with the “wing part” of this craft! Be sure to check out Teach Preschool’s post on the 9th April for the “3yrs old’s version”!

  3. Deanna Yeo says:

    I love de Tinkerbell Clothespin Doll. They ‘re beautiful….! Thks!

  4. I am mightily impressed with these. They look fabulous and such a simple starting point. Its the first time I’ve been tempted to use glitter in a long time

  5. Ashley says:

    These are adorable! I think this will have to be done in our house!

  6. Colette says:

    Genius. Do you just cut the outline of your wings from the acetate once dry? Then stick the acetate wings on…? Must try. We got back from Eurodisney yesterday so Tink is very much a favourite at the moment!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Yes, once it was all dry, I just cut the wings out from the acetate and stuck them straight onto the back of the fairies – either good PVA glue or Hot Glue gun, both work fine!

  7. Katherine of Aurora Spitfire says:

    What adorable clothespin dolls! I have a little friend who’s ob-sessed with Tinkerbell, already plays with my clothespin doll sets and has a birthday very soon! Thanks for the birthday present idea!

  8. Amy@Serving Pink Lemoande says:

    These clothes pin fairies are darling! I’m pinning them.

  9. Claire says:

    I LOVE the idea of glue and glitter- oh the possibilities! It is so transferable to other crafts and projects. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Bella says:

    I love all the little characters in your header. Looks wonderful!

  11. Sian says:

    So cool ! love the new blog look as well : )

  12. Karenda says:

    I love the wings – I am working on tinkerbell bead and pipe cleaner dolls for my oldest daughters birthday party, but I have been stumped on how to make nice wings. You solved my problem. Thanks for sharing.

  13. OneMommy says:

    Cute, cute, cute! I know a little 5 year old who’d love to make those!

  14. The fairies are so cute!

  15. kelly says:

    Love, love, love these fairies!! I have a small world set of fairies, but after watching the movie with Periwinkle, my daughter would now like her too. I better get that glue gun out and pom poms :-)

  16. Oooh I’m excited about your new book – something tells me I’ll be giving that as a birthday present to some youngsters soon…good for keeping their Mums happy, too!

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