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Monsters Inc Puppets

| June 7, 2013 | 90 Comments

Monsters Inc Finger Puppets

TOLD YOU we were on a Monsters Inc “craze” right now – so we made some Monsters Inc PUPPETS. The kids are crazy about them. They keep running off with them – before I can “snap” them playing with the finger puppets. Once again, I would say “easy” to make – just cut and glue and you have your favourite Monsters Inc characters as puppets. We focused on Mike & Sulley Finger Puppets. (Check our adorable Mike Pinata, simple LOVE HIM).

Monsters Inc Puppets

Materials: felt in vary colours, scissors, PVA glue or a hot glue gun, for Mike we also used some pipe cleaners, but you could add felt arms and legs if you don’t have any in the right colour

Monsters Inc Puppets Template outline

1) I printed out Mike & Sulley images to guide me. Looking at them I broken them down into body parts – a body with legs for Sulley, an oval for Mike. Some extra arms and a head for Sulley and some crazy eyes for Mike. You catch my drift. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW if you would like me to create a template for the puppets.

Sulley Finger Puppet

Monsters Inc Puppet craft

2) Cut them all out. Note for Mike, I did a white, blue and black eye – all from felt. For sulley, I coloured in the pupil on the white felt using a pen. Don’t forget the horns for both monsters!!

monsters inc finger puppet crafts

mike and sulley crafts

3) Sense check them – I found that adding eyebrows to Sulley REALLY made him look just the part. And then get your glue and stick it all together. Make sure you glue the arms and legs in between the two body parts for both of the monsters… then add the other bits on pieces on “top”.

Be sure to leave the BOTTOM of your monsters puppets OPEN so that you can insert a finger!

Note: CHEAP felt – tends to be stiff – will glue badly with PVA (white glue) and you will have to use a hot glue gun or sew it. Good quality felt (usually more flexible and contains more natural fibres) glues very well with PVA glue.

Monsters Inc Finger Puppets

Once dry, play!

(Watch out for a film review coming to Theatre, Books and Movies ***SOON***)

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  1. Susan C. says:

    So CUTE!! Please do make a template for these! I would love to make them with my son, but I am not good with coming up with patterns on my own. Thanks!!

  2. HELEN says:

    these look great Maggy!

  3. Nikki says:

    These are awesome! I would love a template if you make one…

  4. Areshea says:

    I would love a template of these, they’re too cute!

  5. Lori Swanner says:

    Please please please make a template!

  6. Candis says:

    I would love to have the template if you make one.

  7. Kelle Collins says:

    Very cute! My 4 yr old requested these as soon as she saw the image. We’d love the template, please.

  8. Jen says:

    Please template! You are awesome!

  9. Fran Stedfast says:

    I would also love to have the template for these! Such fun and so clever! Thank you!

  10. alijjames says:

    Would love to make these with the kiddos this week, would you mind sending the template? Thank you so much! Love your site by the way!

  11. Bertha says:

    These are adorable!!! I think I need I make these for me, not for my little one! :p I’d love a template if that’s ok? Thanks!!

  12. Kelly Lamb says:

    Great Monsters Inc. puppets! I’d love a template. Thank you so much.

  13. carley reeves says:

    i would love the template! thank you! :)

  14. Rocio says:

    Really cute!
    I have an activity with the classmates of my 4 year old son and would like to use your puppets.
    Can you e-mail me the templates please?

  15. Kim says:

    Template please!

  16. Judy says:


  17. Diane says:

    Absolutely adorable puppets, and perfect timing. May I have a template please?

  18. mandy says:

    I would love a template. I’m not artistic enough to attempt freehand (My monsters would look like monsters, but not THE Monsters.) Thanks!

  19. Aimee says:

    I LOVE Monster’s Inc! Would you please share your template with me?

    Thank you!

  20. Jen says:

    So cute!!! My son will love this! Can I have the template please?

  21. Andrea says:

    These are so cute! I would love a copy of the template please.

  22. ML says:

    My daughter is Pixar crazy and LOVES Mike and Sulley. She just got her own puppet stage and these would just make her whole month if I could get the templates.

  23. Revina says:

    would you please share the template with me ? thanks:)

  24. Sarah says:

    Can you please send me the template. They look great. Little man will live making theses.

  25. Sarah says:

    Still haven’t received template. Any chance you could send it to me please. Thankyou

  26. Kathy says:

    Super cute! My son loves anything Disney & we are having a Monsters U birthday party for him. I would love to make these for him, could I please have a copy of the template? Thank You

  27. Kathy says:

    Super cute!! My son loves anything Disney and right now it is Monsters. We are having a Monsters U Birthday Party for him next month and I would love to make them for him. Can I please have the template? Thank You

  28. Sally says:

    I would love to have your template if you are still sharing it. I have 4 granddaughters who would love them.t thank you

  29. Janet says:

    I would also love to make Mikey and Sully finger puppets. Could I please have a copy of the template? Thank you!

  30. Libby says:

    Hello! I would love to make the Mike and Sully finger puppets with my five year old son! Could you please send me a copy of the templates?
    Thank you very much!!!!

  31. Template please for Mike and Sully

  32. Juana Gonzalez says:

    Can I pls get the template pls! I fell in love with these!!

  33. Sarah says:

    Hi, any chance of the template if your back? Thanks

  34. Tawnya says:

    May I please have the templates for your Monsters Inc monsters? Why don’t you just post them with the instructions if you have them made?

  35. Shelly says:

    These are adorable! I would love the template to make these. Do you happen to have a template for a santa hat? They would be perfect for Christmas gifts for my nieces!

  36. Karen says:

    I would love a template! my daughter has to watch monsters Inc all the time and we are getting monsters university for Christmas!! I cant wait to see her joy:)

  37. jo says:

    Love them! Can I please get a template? Thanks so much

  38. Shannon says:

    Hosting a Monster’s U party next month. Can I please get the template? Love it!!

  39. Emily says:

    I love this and would also like a template please

  40. Carma Bailey says:

    Please may I have the template for this awesome craft? Cheers!

  41. Melissa Richards says:

    Template pls!! Am not great at drawing. Could probably manage mike but not Sully. Fab idea! Have made minion finger puppets (must make more) and these will be a great addition I think!

  42. Tracey Stanley says:

    Am I too late for template – only just seen this post on FB today – we are huge Monsters fans in our house!!!

  43. staci bosson says:

    Please, please, please send me the sully template. So adorable!

  44. Michelle says:

    Please please may I have the template please and thank you

  45. Jo says:

    Would love the template too. Thank yso very much

  46. Suzanne says:

    I would like the template to these Thanks

  47. Stacy E. says:

    Please make the pattern for these. ????

  48. Sherry W. says:

    So cute! Did you post the templates? If not, would you please send them?

  49. Sue B says:

    Are you still emailing the template of Mike & Sulley finger puppets? I would love to have a copy!

    Thank you so much

  50. Samantha says:

    I would love the template for these!! My kids would love them!! Thanks!!!

  51. Lisa says:

    Hi! I just found this via Pinterest & would love to get the templates.

    Lisa :-)

  52. Peggy Keller says:

    3 yr old grandson having his Monsters Inc. party in 3 days. Just got a call requesting I come up with activities for the kids! Yikes. If you have a moment and are able to share the templates with me I would remain amazing G-Ma! Thank you! Peggy

      • Peggy Keller says:

        Unfortunately I did not receive this. Would you please try again? I did get an email asking me to confirm following you! I did gladly! Just returned from the store with felt and lots of accessories! My DIL is so happy! Thank you again! Peggy

  53. Peggy Keller says:

    I FOUND it Hooray! Thank you ever so much! Peggy

  54. Joy says:

    Please send me the Sully template. Making baby gifts and the theme is Monster’s Inc.

  55. Deborah says:

    These are so cute, could you please send me the template?

  56. s says:

    So cute. Pls send template. THX

  57. Irene says:

    Can I have the template pls

  58. Tarah Wilson says:

    Can I please have the template sent to me! So cute

  59. Kristine says:

    Can I please have the template? My son made one at camp but it got lost before he brought it home. I promised to find out how to make it and he could remake it at home. Thanks so much!!

  60. Jennifer says:

    I know this is an old post, but I would love to have the templates for my sweet after school kiddos! Thanks!

  61. Judy says:

    could I PLEASE get a template!! I LOVE these!!!

  62. Kristin says:

    My 2 year old is on a huge Monsters Inc kick. We’re having a family movie night tomorrow and I’d love to surprise her with these! May I please have the template? Thank you!!

  63. Alice says:

    Hey i really like this design could you send me the template please i would really appreciate it 😀

  64. Holly says:

    Would love to make these for my grandson for Christmas. Would you please send me the template? Thank you in advance.

  65. Melissa says:

    My daughter said “Make that” when she saw the pictures on Pinterest. Can I have the template, please?

  66. Sarah Stevens says:

    Could you email me the template please? This is such a wonderful idea!!

    Thank you!

  67. Suzie says:

    I would love the template please !!

  68. Pam says:

    If i am not to late i would love a copy of the template your work is so beautiful i just found you today 7/25/15 if i am to late i understand thank you so very much
    Pam Smith

  69. Di frazier says:

    These are very cute…my grandson would love them. I would really appreciate having the templates. Thank you

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