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Nature Crafts: Bat Pencil Topper

| October 20, 2013 | 1 Comment

Here is another VERY quick “Nature Craft” for you – we made a little Bat Pencil topper out of conkers last week. We have tons more Nature Crafts for you, as well as Conker Snakes, Conker Spiders and Conker Horses! Oooh and yes, more Conker Pencil Toppers from a couple of years ago, as well as a fun Chestnut Stream Toy (great for the park!). Plenty of inspiration to use up all those chestnuts!

Bat Craft Autmn

 Dies Kastanien Bastelidee gibts es nun auch auf Deutsch!

Bat Craft

1) Take two conkers, one larger one smaller and connect with glue and a toothpick

2) Cut some wings and ears from craft foam

3) Using your scissors, make holes into the side of your conkers to HOLD the wings and ears. Insert the foam and glue in place.

4) Add googly eyes (scratch the surface a little, so that the glue holds better on the shiny conker)

5) Once dry make a big hole at the bottom of your conker to insert the pencil. We did this with scissors.

Bat Craft for Halloween

Whilst I did that, Red Ted made this Bat with The Englishman. I think it is super cute!


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