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Carrot Cupcake Decorations

| March 3, 2014 | 1 Comment

We love baking over at Life at The Zoo… Cooking with kids is something that I am passionate about, but also need to make more time for. We also like to make things FUN. So we took our easy basic Carrot Cake recipe, turned it into muffins AND then decorated them with little ready roll icing carrots. You can easily make these as marzipan carrots too!  So here is a quick “how to make a carrot” – with step by step photos. For the cake recipe you have to visit Life at The Zoo!! These carrots were inspired by the Hobbycraft Spring show and we loved using their coloured ready rolled icing (see below for links and info!).

Carrot Cupcake Recipe

To Make Icing Carrots you will need:

  • Either ready roll icing or marzipan
  • Food colouring (if your icing isn’t already coloured)
  • A knife

We used: Orange Ready Roll Icingfollow & Green Ready Roll Icingfollow (affiliate) which was SUPER EASY to use, as it was soft and moldable without being too sticky. Love it.

How To Make your Model Carrots:

1) If you need to colour your icing/ marzipan, seperate your icing to a larger pile for the carrots and a small pile for the green bit. Add a few drops of food colours and knead in. Add more if needed.

How to make icing carrots

2) I then cut 6 pieces of roughly equally sized icing. Which I then halved again, as I found I wanted them to be smaller.

Marizpan Carrot How To

3) Roll them in your hands into a rough cylinder and then start making one end pointy.

Ready Roll Icing Carrots how to

How To Make a Carrot

4) Make very small thing “sausages” out of your green icing. And then using a toothpick push them into the carrot at the centre of the green sausage. This will make it fold and have two green little leaves poke up.

How to model a carrot from royal icing

5) Once tried a little, use a knife and add some little carrot lines.

6) Before adding them to your cupcake, cut the “ends of half” your carrots, so they can “poke out of the ground”.

How to make carrots

7) I heated a little chocolate in the microwave and use that to stick them on!

Marzipan/ Ready Roll Icing Carrotes FINISHED!

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