10 Father’s Day Crafts

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10 Lovely and Different Father's Day Ideas for Kids

Well! Yes, Father’s Day  isn’t for  a little while and Father’s Day dates vary around the globe.. and you know, Fathers have birthdays too, right? What to make? And they can be whenever, so some crafty bloggers got together to talk Gifts for Dad that Kids can make!! Brilliant. There are of course the Father’s Day classic, such as pictures frames and hand or footprint bookmarks or T-shirts. We wanted to bring you some DIFFERENT ideas. Not that the classics aren’t good, they are classic for a reason, but just to provide a little choice!

So we discussed some ideas on our “Google+ Hangout” and below I added links to some more ideas!

Father’s Day Crafts Video

In order of appearance:

1) Crayon Rock Paperweights. This is a cheeky craft from my book Red Ted Art, so I can’t link to it for you as such. But do watch the video above and you will see all the instructions you need to make them!! They really are easy (I MAY have forgotten to say that we turned the oven right up to 180C/ 350F).

2) Rock Plant Markers  for the Green Fingered Dad or “Message Stones” for the Travelling Dad – are another easy and simple craft for children of all ages to help make. If he isn’t into gardening, why not use the same idea, but write things about Dad that you love – e.g. “Fun”, “Strong” “Love” etc.

3) Kids Chaos upcycles old pencils into a funky key ring. I reckon these would look FANTASTIC as coasters too. In fact.. I may commission on especially for Red Ted Art.

4) Zing Zing Tree shares her great travel “bowl” for dad to put all his bits and pieces in when on his travels. Add a kids drawing to it and it will make him feel closer to home wherever he is!

5) Crystal demonstrates how to make simple paper beads (we love these and have written about them here too). And then came up with the super simple but effective idea to make them into an “elastic band” book mark. Brilliant AND handy.

6) Domestic Goddesque shares several ideas. Firstly –

the fabric pen Hanky!! Love this idea. It is just SO SO SO simple and yet so adorable. I am so going to do this for my Father in Law’s birthday. He is a great fan of Hankies!

7) Secondly, Domestic Goddesque shares her Superhero BBQ apron (love it!!). Simple to make and looks great.

8) Thirdly, she talks about her girl’s “portable” hug. Perfect.

9) Me and My Shadow has made a “just because I love you book” with her little girl. It is a nice way to pack lots of different things into one space (writting, drawing, stamping, a lock of hair) for Dad to carry around. My kids would love just the fact that they get to draw into a little “book”.

10) Finally, and not on the video.. I ADORE this LEGO Keyring and Key “hook” from Mini Eco. It is simply GENIUS! Looks great and you will NEVER be looking for those keys again. Can’t wait to make it for our house, ahem, for Daddy.

On the video, I also share an idea for a pop up greeting card – more info that to follow – as well as a clay coaster we are “working on”. I think coasters of any sort generally are a nice idea for dad’s – as they all like a cool drink in the Summer or a cup hot coffee in Winter!

Not had enough yet?? Need MORE ideas? This is a popular post – 40 Gifts for Him that you or the kids can make: