10 Kids Activities YouTube Channels You MUST subscribe to Today!


Some of you may have noticed that I have gone a little YOUTUBE crazy recently. Yes, I have fallen in love with this extreme visual and popular way of sharing information and ideas. YouTube is simply fabulous – mainly because – you see people doing things “right there in front of you”. Things are made. Things work (in contrast to the popular “Pinterest Fail” movement, there is a lot LESS that doesn’t work on YouTube).

10 Kids Activities YouTube Channels that you simply must follow today. The combination of these channels provide you with Creativity, Science, Tinkering, Know How & Education - for all your Kids Activities need!

In my Youtube journey these past months (and years), I have met and worked with a great range of kid friendly, kids activities vloggers – creative thinkers, scientists, parents and teachers.. and also a handful of fabulous kids thrown in to show you how it is really done and I thought it was time for me to share these with you and get you to take a peak and subscribe to their channels!! Some of these channels are still quite new, so this is your chance to be “in on it” early on and say “you knew them when…”, others are very well established and simply fabulous  – but what all these sites have in common – are their top quality, fun, kids activities, that will give you lots of inspiration and ideas all year round.

I have shared just one video from each channel with you to check out. It was SO HARD to pick JUST THE ONE… but it has been done, doesn’t it?!

1. Tinkerlab

This is a fabulously creative YouTube channel that brings you all sorts of creative educational activities. I would say the bias towards creative prompts and ideas, though there are plenty of tinkering science wonders too!

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2. The Artful Parent

I am sure you have heard me mention the Artful Parent before – and I will mention her again – simply because she is wonderful and inspirational. The Artful Parent creates simple artful wonders and makes being arty an daily integrated part of family life. There are lots of simple and fun activities you can do and they are beautifully captured on this currently small, but rapidly growing YouTube channel. We ADORED this double doodle drawing and had great fun doing it with our own kids too.

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3. Red Ted Art

Well of course! No YouTube round up would be complete without a not so selfless mention of Red Ted Art (sorry!). But seriously, if you enjoy Red Ted Art and all the regular crafts we bring you here on this site, you WILL love the YouTube channel too. A great way to let the kids watch some YouTube in a crafty and safe environment – get the kids to teach themselves how to fingerknit or check out the latest seasonal craft idea. This YouTube channel targets ALL AGE GROUPS – from kids right up to teenagers and grown ups and is divided into handy playlist to let you quickly and easily find the right level of inspiration.

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4. Red Ted and Pip

A spin off from Red Ted Art – this is Red Ted and Pip Squeak – the kids belonging to “Red Ted Art”. These are their antics, their days out, their crafts – very much about “activities FOR kids BY kids”. A great way to see the world through child’s eyes. You kids can grow up with these kids!

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5. Science Sparks

This is a YouTube channel that is passionate about SCIENCE! Science always comes first – it is very much a “science comes first” and frills come later. Not knocking the frills part of videos at all, they are fun… but if you are after great science, made easy, THIS really is the site for you!

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6. What Do We Do All Day

Here is a YouTube channel for LITTLE THINKERS (or BIG thinkers). There are lots of great ideas demonstrated here that will make you wonder HOW and want to LEARN more. I am always stuck watching the videos, as I SO WANT TO KNOW what will happen next and HOW it is done. This is a channel that is often linked to their website were more information can be found.

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7. Playtivities

Here is another of those “Top Secret” Brand New YouTube channels you simply HAVE TO WATCH and watch from EARLY on… The channel is again a site full fabulous kids activties ideas – be it fun with food, great days out or handy craft tutorials. I love how the kids star in many of the videos and really make their ideas “real”.

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8. Babble Dabble Do

This YouTube channel is a wonderful explosion of colour.. take the “ordinary” activity and make it EXTRAORDINARY. Beautifully filmed, with a great sound track, each video is well thought out and a pleasure to watch. As a note – you are likely to have to visit the blog for further information!

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9. Meri Cherry

A YouTube channel in it’s infancy and definitely one “to watch” and see how it grows and develops. The Vlogger behind this channel however is creative, colourful and resourceful and if the channel develops into anything like her website, you are in for a creative treat!

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10. Inner Child Fun Media

This is the Youtube Channel behind the fabulous “Camp Playful” scheme that we brought you this Summer (more info on Camp Playful here.. never too late to join, as your FREE Camp Playful emails start the day you sign up). This is the YouTube channel of another well established Kids Activities site Inner Child Fun. Once again it is packed with great ideas for crafts, activities and family time. Certainly not one to be missed!


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