2 Finger Finger Knitting

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Last summer my kids learnt how to finger knit! Yay. It tooks a while and a few sessions (a couple of month apart) and then suddenly it clicked and they were away. Then I remembered that you can actually finger knit using only 2 fingers (doh!!). How silly of me. Of course.. though the resulting finger knitting is thinner, it is often an easier way to get younger kids learning to finger knit.

So… I did a quick 2 finger finger knitting video for you. This finger knitting technique is great for really thick wool, or once you have gotten the hang of it, is lovely for using two different coloured strands of wool at the same time!

Finger Knitting with 2 Fingers

Finger knitting is best explained via video – as you can see what is going on –

If you would like to see how to finger knit with ALL Your fingers, check out our very popular “How To Finger Knit” post here – it also includes  8 projects that “use” your finger knitting and turns it into something other than a long woolly sausage!!!:

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