Free 3d Gingerbread House Coloring Page

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Time for some Christmas Printable Crafts. Let’s make a Gingerbread House from Paper with this fun 3d Gingerbread House Printable. You can vary the size, depending on the what printer paper size you have – the regular letter/ A4 will create a cute little village of Gingerbread Houses to decorate a mantle or window sill.. a tabloid/ A3 will of course give you a fantastic larger version. The best bit? This Gingerbread House can also be use as a BOX (it has a base), so you can use it for gifting gifts! If you are really keen.. you couuld youse these little Gingerbread House Boxes as an Advent Calendar in the classroom as well!

So join us this holiday season and let have fun with this printable Christmas coloring page. A great activity for holiday parties!

This printable is probably better for elementary students and up – so slightly older kids, as t here is quite a bit of folding to do.

As this is a 3d paper craft, this would be a simple activity to do in the classroom with your kdis as part of any STEAM Christmas Activities (i.e. basic construction/ maths/ shape discussions).

Ways to use your Gingerbread House Coloring Pages/ Printables

I love “multi use” crafts. And always keen to point out different ways of using something we create here with the kids.. so I hope I am not pointing out the obvious, but giving you ideas instead!

  • Use these gingerbread houses as GIFT BOXES
  • Make a gingerbread house ADVENT CALENDAR
  • Print it a little smaller format to make 3d Gingerbread House Tree ORNAMENTS
  • Use as DECORATIONS on a mantle or window sill or use as part of another Christmas display
  • Simple mindfulness holiday activity – put a Christmas story or Christmas music, grab a plate of homemade Christmas cookies and relax whilst coloring. Taking time out during the busy season is always great!

Gingerbread House Coloring Pages / Printable Gingerbread House Box

3d Gingerbread House STEAM project
Want both files in one easy way to download, head over to Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s

Luckily, I am currently able to offer this gorgeous Gingerbread House Coloring Page for FREE! So please do bookmark this page (actually download your printable ASAP in case things change in the future), but also do SHARE this page on Pinterest and with friends of family. It is a small thing, but it really helps me out too!! And let’s both make the most of these free Gingerbread House coloring pages!

So to make these 3d Gingerbread Houses you will need:

  • Your printable
  • Printer and paper able to print in your size of choice
  • Light card is best for this – but paper works for the smaller size too
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick (not runny PVA glue!)/ a hot glue gun is preferred by some
  • Coloring pencils/ pens/ markers /watercolours
  • OPTIONAL: some people find a ruler a ruler/ scoring tool handy too

TOP TIP: Make sure you hit “fit to page” when you print this Christmas coloring page out so it doesn’t cut off any of the printable tabs

Grab the printable PDF from my Gumroad Store – simply add $0 at check out (or leave a small tip if you wish! Obvioulsy, that is always appreciated). There are two versions for you – the Gingerbread House Coloring Page (Printable 1) and the Gingerbread House Gift Box (Printable 2). Do grab both! Or simply the one you prefer to use..

Making your Paper Gingerbread House

gingerbread house gift box printable
Aversatile printable that works as both a coloring page or gingerbread house gift box!

Making your paper gingerbread house is easy very straightforward! It is the perfect activity for a holiday party or for some down time in the classroom.

If usingt he Gingerbread House Coloring Pages – you can either take your time coloring your house.. OR you can do it a little more quickly and use watercolors or paints to paint the house. Then afterwards go over some key features (e.g. the Gingerbread Man and Candy Canes) in something like a posca pen to make them pop! Do let it dry fully first!

Carefully cut out the gingerbread house shape.

Some people find it useful to use a ruler or even a scoring tool, to help make the folds. I am mindful of scoring tools, as you can accidentally cut through the light card. A ruler is definitely helpful though for both paper and light card.

Create all the folds first. Remember they will all fold inwards.

Start gluing the pieces together.

Before creating the last fold and glue – add any gifts (if you are using it like this) to the inside of your Gingerbread House Box!

Finished. Stand back and admire.

I hope this free printable gingerbread house coloing page prings you lots of holiday fun! Please do tag me on instagram with any of your makes or let me know how you plant to use this sweet gingerbread house craft!

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