3D Paper Hearts How To

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Today, we have a super quick little craft for you – 3D Paper Hearts – I did a Valentine’s Day Decorations “round up” post a few weeks ago, and featured them in there and ever since I really fancied having a go. Check out How About Orange, where I saw them and see how gorgeous they look covering a wall. Stunning! We also used these paper hearts to make Party Boppers – a quick and fun craft. Make them out of felt if you want them to be more durable!

These 3D Paper Heats would look great to decorate your room “just because” or for a lovely party decoration. They would also look gorgeous in rainbow colours – ideal for a rainbow party?

3d Paper Hearts Tutorial

3D Paper Hearts – Materials –

  • red paper
  • scissors
  • staplers
  • masking tape or blu tak to stick them on the wall

3D Paper Hearts – How To Video & Step by Step photos:

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Make a Heart Make a 3D Paper Heart

1) Begin by making your 3D paper hearts (we first spotted these lovely hearts here). They are easy to make and look super effective. You can of course use other heart crafts too – e.g. why not have a go at making heart pom poms?! I digress… make a simple paper heart stencil (just print out a heart shape from the internet) and cut out two red hearts.

Paper Heart How To

2) Make a snip down the centre of the heart – approximately half way along. Then carefully fold back the sides in a cone shape (take a look at the photo).

3D Paper Hearts How To

3) Squeeze these together and staple in place, to create that 3D effect

DIY 3D Paper Hearts

Your 3D paper hearts are now finished! They are sooo easy to make. Have fun and make lots and lots more!