3D Volcano Model Ideas

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We have a wonderful 3d Papier Mache Volcano Tutorial already – it is super popular and the best bit, is that you can actually let it the Papier Mache Volcano demonstrate an eruption (with some vinegar and baking soda)! However, sometimes, time is short and creating a paper mache model isn’t quite what you have the time for. In these instances, this new 3d Volcano Model Idea, may just be the thing you need. You just need to print (color) and assemble it (there is Volcano coloring page and full color Volcano option available.

3d Volcano Model Printable

The great thing about this 3d Paper Model, is that it allows you to also look at the labels and names of the key Volcano Parts. So we have labelled some of the key parts on the inside of the volcano:

  • Vent
  • Crater
  • Sill
  • Throat
  • Conduit (Pipe)
  • Branch Pipe
  • Magma
  • Continental Crust
  • Mantle

You can of course get students to add any additional labels if you wish.

3d volcano coloring pages

As mentioned, there are two versions of this Volcano – one to print in black and white, so students can color it in themselves (also saves on printer ink). And..

3d Volcano printable

The full color version!

Another way to save on time or a little cost, is to simply assemble half the volcano (maybe pick the one with the branch pipe) and add labels yourself! Or split your students into two groups and get each group to make half and then connect then two halves of the volcano.

Supplies needed for this 3d Paper Volcano Model:

This volcano model only needs stationery! (No storecuboard ingredients such as flour and food coloring!!)

  • Ideally a Tabloid/ A3 Printer + paper
  • Pens/ Watercolors for coloring
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick

This is a product in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store – I have kept it as LOW COST as possible AND combined bothe the coloring pages and full color printables as ONE product (rather split it into two and make it more expensive). I hope you feel it is value for money!


As mentioned you cannot make this volcano erupt and demonstrate the erruption. If you want a “fully functioning” errupting volcano, completed with fake lava, do go back to the popular Paper Mache Volcano post here. It is an easy craft, it just needs a little more time – especially for drying! Kids do love making this classic science fair project!

volcano craft