5 Must-Have Photo Accessories for Summer 2018

This post is brought to you in collaboration with My Picture.co.uk 

It is often said that our surroundings define how we feel. If you want to have a cosy time in a countryside cottage, you’d probably decorate the place accordingly. If you want to settle in your reading den while the rain washes your windows, you’d likely pick accessories that induce calmness and harmony. With this in mind, the photo canvas printing experts from My-Picture.co.uk bring you five personalised photo accessories that will help you embrace summer 2018 – sunny, adventurous and occasionally wild! Let’s dive in!

Next Level Picnic with a Custom-Made Photo Blanket

Spring and summer mark the season when outside picnics once again become a thing. This means a lot of quality time spent in the sun and fresh air. Is there any way to make this experience more amazing? Those who have tested the qualities of the personalised photo blanket will surely affirm that there is one. By printing your photo memories on a 200 x 150 cm polar fleece blanket, you’ll acquire an ally that’s hard to abandon. What’s more? The print is hypoallergenic and odourless, so it’s suitable for anyone you can think of.

A Photo Mug to Colour Your Mornings

Let’s face it, there’s hardly a better companion than a cup of invigorating coffee or aromatic tea when the clock strikes the waking hour. Summer is no exception when it comes to this. With that said, you can make the moment miles more precious with a mug that inspires you to do your best daily! With an option to print you beloved quote, sunset photo or whichever scenario you prefer, photo mugs are an accessory that can truly change your day for the better!

Wall Art to Lift Your Spirits

Summer, as we all know, does not mean 90 days of constantly incredible weather, especially in our temperate climate. To level things out, nothing could be more effective than a large-scale canvas print reproduction of the amazing sunset photo from your last vacation. The vivid hues and the high resolution will surely keep the memory alive and well. Alternatively, one can go for a photo acrylic print. The glassy surface, the richness of colours and the overall sophistication makes this decor a real showstopper!

Keep the Sun in Your Pocket with a Photo Phone Case

Now, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without this entry. A cell phone is something we use practically all the time, so it would only make sense to turn this device into our lucky charm. With a protective cover that will prevail through all the music festivals and vacations on your way, you will acquire a truly invaluable accessory! Stay original and make sure your device is protected!

Your Summer in a Special, Personalised Picture Book

Like all good things, summer, unfortunately, comes to an end. This, however, does not mean the loss of all the positive emotions associated with it. A truly unique personalised accessory, the photo book gives you the option to edit and create your very own picture book. This, essentially, turns you into a designer who can add a well-placed comment, play around with graphical elements and simply do whatever one does when writing their own story! Pick the best images and make your summer 2018 into a source of never-ending inspiration!

My-Picture.co.uk invites you the explore their rich product catalogue to find something for yourself! Incredible pricing and a tested quality have made this photo printing service one of the most beloved across the whole country!