5 Nature Art Ideas for Kids


As you may well know already, we LOVE crafting with nature and have many Nature Crafts for Kids here on Red Ted Art already.. however you can never have too many nature craft ideas and inspirations, can you? So you today, I have a lovely special guest – Penny from MotherNatured, who shares some her favourite Nature Art Ideas for kids, as well as her brand new (and rather lovely) Nature eBook… take a look!!

Disclaimer – this posts contains affiliate links to Penny’s wonderful book.. but I wholeheartedly endorse it as a fantastic nature art resource!

5 nature arts and crafts that will inspire you

The wonderful thing about using flowers, leaves, bark and other items from nature in your arts and crafts is that the natural variations in size, shape and color make for unique creations every time. Not to mention that it saves you money on craft supplies! Plus it provides a great opportunity to get the kids away from those screens and out in the fresh air, exercising, exploring and connecting with the outdoors.

I’m a big advocate of providing children with opportunities to interact with the natural world (and the evidence is mounting that this is actually essential to healthy human development), and I’m also a fan of pushing the envelope when it comes to crafting with nature. Here’s five things I’ve done with my nature crafts that you’ve probably never seen anyone do before!

Five nature crafts you’ll love creating

Fairy nature crown. In this tutorial I swap paper for leaves to create a truly regal nature crown.

How to decorate nature with temporary tattoos. Bet you’ve never seen anyone do this before! But when my daughters and I gave it a go, the results were just beautiful.

Making glitter alternatives from natural items. Yes, glitter is pretty and shiny, but there are enough particles of plastic in our environment and waterways already, so why not try these colorful natural alternatives?

Bow-shaped hair clips made from leaves. I know I’d certainly never seen anything like this before I gave it a shot, but I think my results are pretty inspiring!

Gorgeous mermaid nature craft. I must admit I’m quite in love with this one. Watch the video to see how we completed these mermaid printables using items from nature. You can get the 5 fabulous Mermaid Printables here for $2.

Nature Art Printables


Printables are a quick and easy way to get started crafting with nature (please use recycled paper if you can!), which is why I’m excited to share a free printable with you today from my ebook Nature Arts and Crafts (ADD YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE). These adorable little characters are just waiting for you to create amazing outfits for them out of all manner of natural materials. The possibilities are literally endless!

If this sort of activity appeals to you, there’s a good chance you’ll like the rest of the ebook too. Inside you’ll find over 30 activities, all with step-by-step instructions and corresponding printables (all for only $9.99). It’s suitable for both parents and educators at all levels of familiarity with nature craft, and the activities have been designed so that they can be completed using whatever natural materials you have access to in your area. Your children will have the opportunity to not only stretch the creative parts of their brains, but to practice fine motor skills, problem solving and lateral thinking skills as well.

See what’s inside!


With mosaics, weaving, nature journaling and more, there’s a wonderful diversity of activities to choose from in the Nature Arts and Crafts printable pack (only $9.99 for 30+ printables that you can use over and over again!), and most of them are suited to a wide range of ages. But no matter where you get your inspiration from, my challenge to you is to take your crafting outdoors in one way or another. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Get your WONDERFUL 30+ Nature Printables today (only $9.99)

Penny Whitehouse is the driving force behind MotherNatured. A mother of three, with tertiary qualifications in wildlife biology and early years education and 12 years’ experience as an environmental education officer, she is a perfect storm of the passion, knowledge and skills required to get younger generations connecting with the natural world.