Fall the time of year when nature sparkles in a wide variety of colors, and the parents furiously start to wonder how to throw a real Fall Fest for their little ones – no matter the reason.

Today, we give you eight fun ideas on how to impress not only your little one but the kindergarten teachers or other fall festival’s audience with these great DIY crafts! Only few of them needs to be bought before making it done.


  1. Bowling ball from the pumpkin. Find as much round pumpkin as you can and carve three holes so your kid will be able to insert his fingers. Such pumpkin will be like a bowling ball for children. But instead of real bowling, use toilet paper rolls. Joy and fun will be guaranteed!
  2. Photo stand. If you have the talent to draw take a large sheet of cardboard and draw something in the theme of the party. Cut out the circles so that children can stick their heads and have a blast getting photo shoots. If you are not in drawing too much, there are some great already prepared photo stand in’s available at Kohl’s, it starts at $39.99, which could sound a bit pricey for a children’s party! But good news is that you can get it at least 30% cheaper when using Kohl’s coupon via ChameleonJohn.com site.
  3. Penguin from an eggplant. Take an eggplant and cut one side so the eggplant will stand. Then, peel the skin, forming a penguin’s white tummy. On the sides, cut and fold the wings of the animal. If the wings move and stick to the body, put a small part of eggplant into a penguin underarms and fasten them with toothpicks to hide it. Penguins’ eyes can be done by cutting or using white pepper. These decorations are perfect for making the children’s’ table more fun and colorful.
  4. Vegetable turkey. If you do not have much time, want to serve some healthy meals, and your kids love turkey – this is a perfect option for you. For this beautiful, colorful and delicious vegetable turkey you will need a substrate, sharp knife and a variety of vegetables of your choice. The result will depend on your own and your skills, so get creative!
  5. Mask from the fall leaves. This is a just great idea if you are throwing children’s carnival of the fall time. All you need to do is to cut out a piece of cardboard in the right size for the mask to cover the face, put whole for eyes and attach a rubber band on the sides so that a kid can wear it and it won’t fall away. After that, just simply glue different colored leaves on it and again – use your imagination. This mask can be adapted to various costumes your little one is going to wear: from a fungus to a tree or many other suits.


  1. Walnut boats. First of all, shell as many walnuts as you want. Take one a half, place a piece of plasticine in it and insert the stick to the mass. Then pick the maple leaf of your choice and attach it to the stick (see more information on Walnut Boats here!). Make a lot of these boats and let them sail in a large bowl of water, which can also be decorated with leaves.
  2. Peacock (or turkey) from colored paper and cones. Put your kids’ hands on colored paper and draw around his hand with a pencil. Do this for a few times with a multi-colored paper. Then, cut out the hands and glue it at the one end of the cone. You can also stick the colored leaves to it to make it look fuller. Cut peacock’s or turkey’s head from the colored paper too and attach it to the other end of the cone. Here’s your bird!
  3. Owls from pumpkin and sunflower seed. In the middle of a pumpkin cut a small triangle-shaped hole and place the same size triangular slice carrot piece in it. Also, cut out two round holes in a pumpkin and do the same with a carrot – you will have two owls eyes. Then glue all around the owl’s eyes with sunflower seeds to make cute eyelashes. You can also take two toothpicks and other wooden sticks and glue three sunflower seeds on it forming triangles. It will make your owls’ legs. Do the same with two sticks – it will be a bird’s ears. Insert sticks into a pumpkin and voila – here’s another bird!