Acorn Crafts – Nature Crafts for Autumn

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I have been going on about Nature Crafts for Autumn for the last couple of weeks now… I simply adore getting the kids to craft with acorns and chestnuts and pine cones. They get to hunt for them in the park and bring them home for some lovely textured crafting. At the same time, they can be tricky to craft with. What, oh what to make from an acorn?! Well, we do like acorn animals and little acorn men. They just make me happy and smile. And we most definitely made more of these year.

But I also wanted to share some “new” acorn crafts with you –

Acorn Crafts: Tea Set!

Acorn Crafts

Materials for the tea set: acorn “caps”, FIMO (polymer clay), glue

You don’t HAVE to use FIMO, I am pretty certain I have seen people use Plasticine  which on many levels is much easier to do, but then doesn’t keep as long. Or could try gluing on some felt handles etc. We happened to have some Polymer Clay lying around, so we used that.

(Diese Bastelidee fuer den Herbst, gibts es nun auch auf Deutsch: Basteln im Herbst mit Eicheln)

1) I molded the clay into handles and spouts. I made a base for the tea cup, to give the handles some more grip and something to stick to. The tea pot is made of one large acorn hat and a little one as a lid. I also made a milk jug (small spout, no lid) and  sugar pot (a base for the acorn, but no handle).

Acorn Tea Set

2) I tried them in the oven upside down – keeping them ON the acorn, so I would know which handle fit which cup. Our FIMO is heated at 110C for 25min or so – check the instructions on your packet.

3) Once tried and cooled, I used my hot glue gun to secure them.

Done. And have a fairy tea party!

Acorn Crafts for Autumn

The teapot is our favourite! And it was actually Pip Squeak’s idea as she found the two acorn parts that fitted nicely together!

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Pine cone crafts

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